“Momo” will be the costume designer of the King of the Mazatlán Carnival 2023

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The intention of my life is to be part of the history of the Mazatlán Carnival: Luis Antonio Ríos “Momo”.

“I have taken this so much with my heart, that I live it every day and every intention in my life is to become part of this story, but giving my heart: Momo.

-Designer of the costumes of the King of the Carnival of Mazatlán 2023

We arrive at his space, he receives us with a wide smile, he opens the door to the dream factory, in it he protects and exhibits pieces that have thousands of embroidered sequins on splendid fabrics, they have beautiful crystalline stones, a cape with masks distributed asymmetrically stands out. like musical notes dancing on the scores of a melody distorted by being constantly played.

There are crowns, they combine harmoniously with all the pieces that make up the royal dresses and “Momo” takes a seat under the permanent guard of his mannequins that shield him on both sides.

Attentive, smiling and very excited Luis Antonio Ríos González, designer and responsible for making the costume that the King of the Mazatlán Carnival 2023 will wear, awaits the first question.

– Momo nostalgia, the memory of 125 years and all the carnivals since you were a child and you started to see them… In what phase of your life did you find the most intense motivation to say… I want to design!

– When I was given the opportunity to be in charge of the props for the Mazatlán Carnival… There I began to discover a totally different world from the one I lived in my room, because I started doing fantasy in my own house, when I am in a bodega immense wardrobe, a world full of props, dragons, elephants, horses, awakens creativity even more.

I saw the embroidering women, the sewing ones, and it caught my attention.

I think that something that aroused a lot in me was when I got closer and wanted them to show me a little about what they were doing.
That opened up a way for me to want to learn even more and aroused my interest in how to design, make, how to make textures, reliefs, all that, then at the moment I said: “Well, I already saw how He does all this, and I enjoy it so much… Why not take a piece of paper and a pencil and start sketching (drawing)?”.

I have always been one of the people that each of my creations come from my head, that is to say… I dream of them!
I always wake up with a creative idea because at night I even feel when they talk to me, what color they want, what shape they want… And I think I have reflected it in each of the suits we have made.

For example, the first royal costume I made was a harlequin, but a very different harlequin, his costume was like a Spanish style, he brought the party in his cape, he brought streamers, masks, musical signs, then I woke up and the color was blue.

In the other dressing room that belonged to “Cronos”… The God Cronos appeared in my mind… He showed me his wings that were metallic… They were very delicate and fine feathers.

The costumes of the King of the Carnival of Mazatlán 2023 will be made with different techniques

I give myself the task of choosing the materials… To create what my mind sees… And this year (2023) will not be the exception, because this costume (of the King of Carnival) is a total change of techniques. People will never see the same thing in me every year, people will always see something different in me, because “Momo” is like that, he has to create something different every year, because he wants to remain in the memory of the Mazatlecos.

– “Momo” is built with key pieces in his life story, these pieces have names, please mention names and don’t be offended if you forget names that helped you to be “Momo”.

– “Momo” has been made based on a lot of faith, I am a person who, even if a thousand things happen to him in his life, faith makes him strong every day, but if there are people that I need to say who I admire, I say it without fear nobody, because sometimes talking about certain people makes you uncomfortable, but I have always said that “Momo” admires the great people of the carnival, the ones I have admired the most since I can remember, are:

Mrs. Delia León, Sodelva Ríos, Rigoberto Lewis, Mr. Raúl Rico González, because they totally give their hearts to each of the creations or projects they carry out, I think that from a young age one has the vision of who they want to follow, towards who you want to be your guide, the person you admire, and I think those people have consolidated the person I am today.

– Momo, in the privacy of your workshop, in the privacy of your work, those absent beings appear who are no longer with us, who accompany you, guide you, enlighten you. Do you perceive that they are there?
Being this special carnival and putting it on in a fantastic way, if you had a genius, a fairy to ask three people who are no longer on this earthly plane and you wanted them to be there to see your work? What people would they be?

– One of the people I always admired was Rigoberto Lewis, that person for me was always such a creative head that before deciding on my career, I studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Gastronomy, and I chose to go with his family, so that They told me what they had studied. I needed to know what he was studying, to try to follow those steps, because I wanted to do a bit of… the carnival, just like him.

That person was something very big for me, but life meant that he did not know me, that is, his sister, a relative, always attended me, but he never, however I knew him because he passed by in the parade, he came up, even He came to hug me one day, my family laughed at me because I was very excited to see him, and I think that if life were to put him again, I would like him to see all the creative ideas that I manage, because I think it would combine very well with all the talent he had.

I am a person who is difficult, huh… Sometimes it is difficult for me to visualize modern art, because… I feel that I am an old soul, because everything I do goes back to the times of yesteryear, I look a lot for the period, that everything world moves to the times of before, and I don’t know, I feel that I relate to him, because he is a person that I admire.

Another person that I would like, if life were to put me in front of me, would be Roberto de los Santos Lewis, because for me he is a person who has made the best Carnival costumes.
Katia Berenice Morales Luna, one of the best most emblematic costumes that the maximum party has had, the Abrís Tiznado dress, an incredible, impressive dress.
And to me, having restored his clothes fills me with great pride to be able to say that I touched a piece of him, because I know that each one of the people who are dedicated to making these costumes, not only has the intention of creating, but also that each piece frames a feeling.

Each of my wardrobes keeps a secret and each king knows that secret, when life one day puts a limit on me, they will talk, they will realize what feeling that special piece of kings’ wardrobe had.

– Time, memory and technology make it possible for you to record today, in this interview and in this recording, a message for all those who have seen and will see your designs and your creation.
What message would you leave all these people?

– The message I would give them is to always fight for their dreams.
And don’t let yourself be frightened by people without feelings, by people who are insensitive, on the contrary, each one of the obstacles that life puts you… Each one of the stones that they throw at you, go accumulating them so that those stones serve as a stepping stone.

I believe that if you do things with pure love, life flows, art flows.
In this life we ​​come to be happy, smiling at life is the most valuable thing we have, and it is what I do every day, I smile at my pieces of art, always remember that in this life you have to make art, have love , have a vision of a life, where at some point you will be remembered.

So, do things well to always be remembered, because in this life we ​​can’t just come by, we have to leave our mark, one way or another.

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