New parks and green areas in Mazatlán: learn about the project

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Mazatlán. – Around 150 city parks will be remodeled in Mazatlán, as reported by Édgar Augusto González Zataráin, substitute municipal president.

The purpose of these rescues is for Mazatlecos to recover family life in a quality urban environment, where they can feel safe and free to play, exercise and other recreational activities, so that they are not seen as vacant lots or garbage dumps where everyone You can leave your waste there.

“150 parks are detected in a register, there are some very depressing and others extremely risky that we have to recover from now,” he said.

The project

The objective is to improve and rescue playgrounds, green areas, sports areas (fields and outdoor gyms), remodeling of sidewalks, improvement of flora, among other works that will be carried out with the municipality’s own resources that correspond to this year. fiscal.

the jobs

Work is currently underway at the Hacienda de Urías and Ampliación Valles del Ejido parks.

To know

According to the Municipal Planning Institute (IMPLAN) only 7 percent of Mazatlán are green areas. Urban green areas are of great relevance since they provide a better quality of life and benefits such as:

  • Noise and temperature regulation
  • Improvement in air quality through the capture of carbon dioxide
  • Reduction of soil erosion
  • Increase in biodiversity

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