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After the death of the comedian Leopoldo Roberto García Peláez Benítez , better known as Polo Polo , various are the issues that have arisen around him, since they speak from the controversy of his comedy , to the way in which his incursion into the scenarios and even fans have questioned how the name that catapulted him to fame came about .

And it is that, if you thought that this arose planned during a work meeting , based on the most sophisticated international marketing strategies , the truth is that it was not like that, because there is a story behind the determination to adopt the name ” Polo Polo ” with which the public would identify him until his last days and here we tell you what made him choose it.

What is the history of the name “Polo Polo”?

Due to the fact that the comedian ‘s first name is Leopoldo since his beginnings on the stages of some bars in his native Guanajuato he was presented as Polo , but he never imagined that this would change from one moment to the next while he was recording a television promotional ad in which he starred and in which the phrase “And don’t miss the best of Mexico Night with Polo” was heard .

It was just when recording this part that the cameras froze and the name “Polo” was repeated endless times , so due to an unknown decision the error was not edited and the promotional was published as it is, suggesting that this was the name of the comedian , which curiously gave him greater popularity among the public , immediately associating him with his jokes .

Even to a Chicago medium, the comedian himself told him when he learned of his origins , “I wanted to kill him (the producer), but he left and I left too. When I got to the bar at night (where I worked), the ads had already come out on TV and they began to annoy me with “Look, here comes Polo, Polo, Polo and Polo” and with that no one knew how many ‘Polo’ there were. until in the end it ended up in ‘Polo Polo'” .

Did Polo Polo dedicate himself to another activity in the artistic world?

As the same comedian declared on several occasions, at the express proposal of someone who did not mention, he made some movies , but the result was not to his liking, because despite the fact that the jokes require a certain level of histrionics , it is still him, unlike the big screen that gives off your personality to commission someone else, in addition to not describing himself as an actor .

Regarding his foray into television , he had some forays , mainly in interviews and comedy shows , although the subject matter he addressed and the humor he handled commonly prevented him from occupying spaces on open television , obtaining his main success on the stages of various auditoriums . theaters and nightclubs throughout the country .

Finally, about the comedy from a few years ago before his disappearance from public life, he stated that he did not reach what he would not like to hear with his jokes , since he always sought that it not be profane and leave a bad taste in the mouth , since He considered that the new generations come to do comedy that is too rude , which can even hurt .

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