The Government of Mazatlán will support the infrastructure of the Leona Vicario Elementary School: Mayor

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MAZATLÁN._ When leading Civic Monday at the Leona Vicario Elementary School, located in the Rincón de Urías neighborhood, Mayor Édgar González Zataráin assured that the Mazatlán City Council will support the campus with infrastructure and the others must do their part.

“I really congratulate this school because I know that they have, I know, I asked, very good organization, that they have a lot of enthusiasm, especially the teachers, and that we are going to support them in what corresponds to us with what has to do with the educational infrastructure,” he told students, staff, and parents.

“And we are doing a job that is now very strong, in order to contain what has been destroying the educational system in the country, which has to do with the modernity that came to us suddenly, which has to do with technologies misapplied, which has to do with other things that appear to us day by day and that we have stopped using what really serves us in this life”.

González Zataráin reiterated before the director of the school and teachers that his administration will support said educational center, which has 360 students and 22 teachers.

“I tell the director and I tell the teachers that we are going to support them, that we are going to find a way to strengthen this campus just as we are doing, that is what Civic Monday is for, for that rapprochement and the commitments that We are acquiring day by day in such a way that you count on us, count on the part that corresponds to us, you do your part, the parents do your part, “he continued.

“The students will have to do their part, an important part because I am sure that whoever wants to, whoever decides to go very far will do it, for that reason do not stay there thinking if they continue, if they do not continue, if it is okay or what you do is not bad, you decide to move on, decide to magnify the pride of your parents, decide to be someone in life like many within our work and our work we have decided to do something and be someone in life ”.

It was the responsibility of the minor Carlos Iván García Noriega, from fifth grade “A”, to welcome his campus for Civic Monday on the morning of January 23, where awards were also given to the most outstanding students and the City Council delivered a flag with its pole and flag holder, as well as sports equipment.

“As you can see, we are a school with warm staff, with shared responsibility between teachers and students, like all schools and with the desire to improve in all aspects, enjoy your stay in this school that is your home, we want Enjoy this space that you will share with us”, Carlos Iván expressed to the Municipal President.

“I thank you in advance for your attention and I wish that this year 2023 is full of prosperity and success, but above all, good health for you and your family, we are proud that you are our Municipal President because only then will Mazatlán do better” .

The director of the campus, Luis Fernando Álvarez Torrero, who was in his first day in that responsibility, said that they work for the common good of the students.

“We are a group committed to the education of our students, motivated and concerned about keeping up with social demands, which is why we invite you to join our cause and, Mr. Mayor, all the support you can give us to our institution will be well received, and not only well received, it will be well used”, he stressed.

As on every Civic Monday, a tree of life was also planted in said educational center.

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