The ‘preferential lane’ in the city marches at a good pace

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Mazatlán. – The so-called “preferential lane” in the city will give a different face to everything in the destination of Mazatlán and will pay to create awareness in all aspects of urban mobility, the leaders of public transport in the port and the municipal authority involved in putting together this pilot plan.

The president of the Alliance of Urban and Suburban Trucks in Mazatlán, Faustino Mejía Chávez, commented that the “preferential lane” in the city is gradually being introduced, but that there is still time for society in general to fully adopt it. ; the project gains space every day and the separators are about to begin to be placed.

He indicated that what follows in the work are the buffer type separators, as well as the awareness of people, since sometimes the affectation that can be had in an accident can be irreparable and that is what seeks to raise awareness.

Mejía Chávez explained that in these three weeks that the “preferential lane” pilot plan has been running, there have been no urban truck accidents in that section; The intention, he added, is that the mobility of the users of the public highway is improved and orderly, with which it is sought to avoid accidents, since these occur especially when the lane is invaded.

“They are very recurring accidents and, in this busy area, it has been possible to see a significant improvement in the reduction of accidents; We don’t have accidents, since it started that has reduced our accidents; In those sections we have not had an accident, if there were many, but it has been ordered, ”he said.

He added that the vehicles are ordered, which can be described as an act of conscience that everyone must have; The delimitation is going to start when the resource for that is available, it is being managed to place the separation buffers on the avenue later.

In favor or oppossing? Preferential lane divides opinions between cameras

Meanwhile, Jesús Zataráin Velarde, president of Águilas del Pacífico, said that this avenue will help mobility a lot, to make it faster and have precise points on the ascent and descent of passengers, but also to reduce the risks of accidents, in one of the arteries of the city that is usually a lot of movement of vehicular traffic.

“Seeing the advances of the preferential lane, more or less on our part, around 90 trucks will circulate around there, there will be 9 official stops and they will be well signposted and well distributed later on,” he added.

It will be painted this Tuesday around the new IMSS

The painting of the new IMSS hospital circuit will be put on starting this Tuesday, which will free up the “preferential lane” on Avenida Ejército Mexicano, which will also be placed delimiters.

The delimitation will be from Calle Armada de México, where there will be a space for motorists to get off and on as a patient at the IMSS, and that they no longer do so in front of said hospital.

The deputy director of the Municipal Traffic Police, Juan Sergio Camacho Torres, expressed at the end of the private meeting they held with the mayor and carriers in the Municipal Palace, that as of this Tuesday, January 24, the street circuit will begin to be painted Navy of México.

“There will be the promotion and relegation zone, those who take a patient there to the Insurance so that they no longer stop by the Mexican Army for the promotion and descent of people who come with a problem,” he said.

He added that urban trucks, both from the Alliance and Águilas del Pacífico, can now circulate through the “preferential lane” every day, but what happens is that many people still follow, some private cars stopping in the lane.

“Right now they are only being warned and they are being told to put it in another parked area; For now they are going to be made aware, the officer is going to be telling them to get into the Mexican Navy circuit for ascent and descent, and the taxis have a zone in the back, it is painted yellow and is indicating that they should not (private) vehicles can park there,” he stressed.

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