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Culiacán, Sin.- Given the imminent fear of the damage that low temperatures could cause to crops due to cold front number 26, the president of the Confederation of Agricultural Associations of the State of Sinaloa, Marte Vega Román , made a call to producers You keep calm and don’t take hasty action .

The temperatures of up to 1 and 2 degrees that have been recorded in recent days in the northern part of the state have caused damage to crops , reported Vega Román, which will be reflected in the coming days.

” Real reports we still do not have, perhaps during the day or until tomorrow, because the effects of a frost are seen for days, the temperatures if shuffled, and at 4 degrees it can affect the crops”, declared Marte Vega.

” Yes , there will be damage , fortunately not very large in areas that we already have very localized, which is where the frosts hit first, it is the Carrizo valley and certain areas of Angostura .”

The damage that low temperatures could cause in the crops depends on the conditions of the plant itself, watering the crop will not prevent the plant from suffering damage, declared the president of CAADES , so it is necessary for producers to approach the technicians plant health boards in order to obtain a real diagnosis.

“It depends a lot on the conditions in which the crop is found, if it is stressed, if it is watery , or poorly fertilized , it is more susceptible to having consequences , “ he explained.

“You have to stay calm and make a real diagnosis , if a crop is under stress and if they put irrigation on it it will be more stressed, then you have to approach the technicians , all the plant health boards have highly trained technicians (… ) there is no immediate reaction , like adding irrigation and the plant will recover, unfortunately the one that has damage will no longer recover ”.

Vega Román urged farmers to remain calm, commenting that the technicians from the plant health boards are working on the evaluation of crops and analyzing the need to request agricultural insurance or take some action.

“In these circumstances, the extremely desperate producer wants to take action very quickly, but sometimes we do more serious damage, you have to remain calm , have contact with the technicians and follow up on the crop on time , but in a non- desperate way “ , explained.

“All the technicians from all the state boards are already working to get these reports and have real information and see what’s next, if there was a lot of damage, if paperwork with agricultural insurance has to be expedited , for now there is no lots to do . ”

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