They will begin to demolish the building where the SSPM of Mazatlán was

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MAZATLÁN._ The building where the Municipal Public Security Secretariat was located for decades, in the Benito Juárez neighborhood, will begin to be demolished at the end of January and it is planned that construction of the Benito Juárez Multi-equipment will begin in February, reported Mayor Édgar González Zataráin .

“They already asked us to take things out there, until this month we have to take out what is there because there is a Public Security mechanical workshop and there are some other things left there that we are going to move so that the works begin next month at least. less than the three points we were talking about about the Urban Improvement Program”, he added.

“We are just a few days away from starting, they were going to start now, the demolition in days past, it was postponed a bit because we have to move the workshop and a few other things, but at the end of the month we are starting the demolition; We are going to collaborate, the State Government has already asked us to help to do the demolition issue as quickly as possible.”

At the end of the three-year term of Mayor Carlos Felton González, the SSPM personnel moved to what are now the facilities of the Citizen Security Center, located in the Libramiento Luis Donaldo Colosio, in the Huertos Familiares neighborhood.

At the time, the Mayor announced that an investment of 78 million pesos from the Urban Improvement Program will be allocated for the construction of the Benito Juárez Multiequipment and will immediately benefit a population of 96 thousand inhabitants of the area.

“It includes multifunctional gyms, contact sports halls, municipal dependency modules, a kind of public square in there as an esplanade, administrative offices, a surveillance module that serves for the issue of public safety, then enabling outdoor spaces and reconstruction of perimeter sidewalks”, stated González Zataráin at the end of last year, about what the new Benito Juárez Multi-equipment will consist of.

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