What is the origin of the Sinaloan singer El As de la Sierra

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The Ace of the Sierra It’s one of the most recognized exponents of the old school of corridos a very representative genre of Regional Mexican. Now, Jose Heredia (real name of singer-songwriter), He resides in California, United States, and for several years, he has not been able to return to México. Supposedly due to death threats. “El muchacho alegre”, “Mi linda güerita”, “Patrón de patrónes”, “Dicen que soy traficante” and many more, are the hits that are part of his musical career.

What is the origin of El As de la Sierra? José Heredia was born on April 15, 1969, in a town in the mountains called San José del Cañón, near Mazatlán, state of Sinaloa, México. In an interview with the Oaxacan youtuber Margarito Music, he recounted that at the age of 7 he moved to Los Mochis, Sinaloaat 13 he returned to his place of origin and at 20 years of age, he returned to the north of the state.

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In Los Mochis, Sinaloaworked as a mason’s helper“we struggled a lot, thank God, and when the time did not come artistically, we did not struggle much to scale, thanks to the fact that the public accepted us, how?, who knows, but the public liked mine and artistically I have never struggled to achieve success. Thank God until now we continue to be popular with the public, the public continues to support us, we go to the salons, times are not like before, everything has changed a lot, but thank God we continue in the ambient”.

Before being a renowned singer-songwriter, El As de la Sierra participated on several occasions in an amateur contest for a radio station in Los Mochis, Sinaloa. The first place won the professional recording of a disc. Although he was the favorite of the public, the judges never awarded him first place.

“The public knew that I won, but the radio did not want my style, I competed three times and second place all the time, until one of the judges told me: ‘you know that, the simple truth, you are not going to enter for this’ , that was where a whim was born to show them that I could”. The Ace of the Sierra explained that having a style similar to that of Chalino Sánchez, they did not want him on that radio station. “That was the detail, one of the judges was the one who told me, that I really competed like this every time, I was never going to have first place.”

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Later, on his own account, recorded his first record production, “El choppero negro”. He didn’t have money to do it, however, Mr. Luis Frías Vásquez, who was his employer in an import company in Los Mochissupported him financially to record his first album in 1995; At that time, they charged around 15,000 pesos per recording.

Two years passed and his album was saved, so he lost the illusion of singing. The company with which she recorded it, was in debt to Titán Records (his current record label), “they sold As de la Sierra without being anyone to Titan Records, as long as they paid off a debt they had.” When company executives spoke with him about his musical career, El As de la Sierra no longer wanted to continue. After convincing him, a month and a half later, “The black helicopter” went on sale.

It was in the United States where the furor for El As de la Sierra began, without the support of radio stations; people lobbied California radio stations to get their music played. “Quite a few famous radio stations here had to go buy the record to start playing at As de la Sierra, records after records were hits, all my songs on each record, people chanted them with me, recorded records were sure hits.”

After “The Black Helicopter” Other hits followed such as “Mi linda güerita”, “Patrón de patrónes”, “Muchacho alegre” with a band and more.

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