Works in calle Almada, in Navolato, are already a month late

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The works carried out on Jesús Almada street, the main road in the city of Navolato, are already one month late according to the OPPU-EST-LP-PEST-TURI-0908-2022 contract, which corresponds to said project.

The document details in the third clause of the contract that the period of execution of the work would be from August 17 to December 31, comprising 137 calendar days, but this period has been extended for almost a month and there is no date for its delivery.

The work to improve the urban image in Jesús Almada street, between Jorge Almada street and Macario Gaxiola avenue, includes the intervention of the main road of the Navolato urban sprawl along four lanes, in which the road would be repaired and the bench to beautify the space.

The work also contemplated the electrical installation and necessary interventions for the sewage and drinking water installations.

The contract amounts to 41 million 350 thousand 610.29 pesos, which was awarded to the company Ingeniería de Negocios Sostenibles through a public bidding process.

In the bidding process, Social Witness number 13, Noé Francisco Bojórquez Velducea, was watching, who did not detect opacity in the contracting process.

“Derived from my participation in the acts described in the bidding process, I certify that what was developed therein occurred within the framework established by the Law of Public Works and Services related to it of the State of Sinaloa and I was not denied information or attention to the questions that were required at the time, terminating my participation as a SOCIAL WITNESS of this tender ”, the citizen determines in his report.

On January 19, the Municipal President of Navolato, Margoth Urrea Pérez, and the Secretary of Public Works of Sinaloa José Luis Zavala Cabanillas, supervised the work on Jesús Almada street.

According to the statement issued by the Navolato City Council, regarding that visit, Zavala Cabanillas would have instructed the contractors to deliver the work ready as soon as possible, however, no date was announced to inaugurate it.

At the moment the road is still closed and surrounding roads were enabled as auxiliary routes.

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