They will reopen the case of political violence for gender reasons in the PRD Sinaloa

Tuesday 31 January, 2023
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After the judicial body of the Party of the Democratic Revolution in Sinaloa not judge a complaint case considering a gender perspective approach, the Guadalajara Regional Chamber of the Electoral Justice Tribunal and the Tribunal in Sinaloa they reversed the partisan decision.

Given this, the PRD must once again review the situation denounced by a member of the party, now considering guidelines with a gender perspective.

“The foregoing, due to the fact that, from an analysis of the contested resolution, the Court noted that the defendant judicial body had limited itself to examining the denounced conducts based on a thesis of jurisprudence, without addressing the corresponding regulatory framework such as the Law on Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence for the State of Sinaloa”, determined the Tesin.

“For this reason, it was determined to revoke the contested resolution and order the intra-party justice body to issue a new one in which it studies and resolves the controversy raised by the plaintiff in accordance with the aforementioned legal framework.”

The case in question corresponds to a complaint filed by Amada Hernández Madueño, who in 2021 denounced political violence for gender reasons orchestrated by Francisco Javier Juárez Hernández.

Juárez Hernández sought to lead the party in Sinaloa However, due to the complaint, the party decided to suspend the session in which they would vote to elect a candidate due to the accusations against him.

On November 20, 2021, Hernández Madueño publicly expressed being a victim of political violence within the PRD Sinaloa.

“My assailant exposed and disseminated an audio of a sexual nature in meetings, which indicates that I am the author of this material, using it to denigrate my image, arguing that I am not worthy of representing my political party,” she said.

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