‘Trump was respectful of us,’ says AMLO

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador justified the statements of former US President Donald Trump, who in his first official campaign event recalled how he imposed the “Stay in México” program on the Government of México.

The head of the Executive Branch also defended Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, who, according to what he assured, has had a good performance at the head of the Mexican Foreign Ministry.

“Marcelo [Ebrard] He acted very well and continues to act very, very well as Secretary of Foreign Relations, and the relationship with former President Trump and his team was very good,” he said during his morning press conference on Monday.

This, after Mike Pompeo, US Secretary of State during the administration of President Donald Trump, stated in his autobiography “Never Give An Inch” (Never give an inch) that Ebrard Casaubón asked him to hide an agreement to put the “Stay in México” migrant return program is underway.

“Of course, the campaigns in the United States have already begun, and they are already beginning to say that they were going to put us in line, that they do know how to submit us, that they had already doubled us and already know how to do it, implying that the others do not. I highly esteem President Trump because he was respectful towards us, the relationship was good, I can tell you that it was good for the American people and very good for the people of México,” López Obrador said.

“I had only one meeting with President Trump in Washington, very productive and we spoke about 11 or 12 times on the phone, and in addition to the fact that for reasons of State, he has recorded those calls, since they were very important, respectful and well-behaved calls. of the two peoples and of the two countries. I even described those calls in my last book.”

During his first official campaign event in the Republican party primaries, to return to the White House in the 2024 elections, Donald Trump revealed that he pressured the government headed by López Obrador.

In addition, the former President of the United States boasted of the pressures to which he allegedly subjected the Mexican Federal Executive Branch, to accept the controversial “Stay in México” program, created in 2019 and which forced migrants and refugees to remain in México, while their requests for asylum were resolved.

Trump recalled that he threatened México with applying tariffs to all Mexican imports if it did not meet two conditions: accept the “Stay in México” program and use members of the Armed Forces to stop migrants on their way north.

According to the former US President, when it was time to negotiate, “a representative of México entered the room, a very nice guy and I like him very much even though he is a socialist.” However, he assured that he took the opportunity to communicate his requests.

“We need 20,000 soldiers and we want everyone to stay in México and nobody to come to the United States. And I told him: ‘look, if they don’t approve it, we are going to impose tariffs on all the vehicles that you are selling in our country, some tariffs of 25 percent, and we are going to impose tariffs of 25 percent on all the products that you make in México,’” Trump said, according to his own account, to the Mexican representative, whom he did not mention by name, although Ebrard Casaubón was in charge of most of the negotiations.

Always according to what the New York tycoon narrated, after listening to their claims, the Mexican representative made a phone call to López Obrador and then announced that the federal government would accept the “Stay in México” program and that it would assign members of the Armed Forces for migration containment tasks.

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