Citizen Movement launches campaign for families to live better

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MAZATLÁN._ Nationally and in Sinaloa Movimiento Ciudadano started the campaign “The Right to Joy”, which seeks to help families live better, said the president of the party in the entity, Sergio Torres Félix.

”It means that women and men live in fear and feel free, that there are medicines in hospitals, that we have quality education, that homicides and femicides decrease, that there is support for the productive sectors, that there is a better health system, that there are nurseries, that the budgets for violated women return, ”he said.

“That the budgets for violated women return, that public parks are in better condition, for all this and many other things the Citizen Movement is fighting and we will continue like this, without getting tired, without giving up until we win, God willing, the Presidency of México in the year 2024”.

Torres Félix reiterated that this campaign is being implemented in a very good way by the Mayor of Monterrey, Nuevo León, Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas, emanating from Movimiento Ciudadano, whom he referred to as a national example and who has mainly dedicated himself to children and the girls of that municipality recover the illusion and the desire to live, that they live with joy, that they smile.

“And someone tells them, in the case of President Colosio Riojas, someone who has suffered and who suffered firsthand when his father (Luis Donaldo Colosio Murrieta) was taken from him when he was 8 years old and eight months then he was left an orphan when his mother died,” Torres Félix recalled at the press conference, in which he was accompanied by municipal leaders of MC, including the president of Mazatlán, Milai Quintero.

“Someone who in those years took away the illusion of living, the desire to smile, today as Municipal President he is doing a great job, but mainly focused on making girls and boys happy and having a better future.”

He specified that in the case of Sinaloa This campaign began the previous Saturday by painting fences in Culiacán with the company of people from the Movimiento Ciudadano structure, but above all from civil society.

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