Liga MX teams that will suffer with the elimination of the playoffs and the return of relegation

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Officially, the Mexican Soccer Federation in collaboration with the MX League announced the new changes that will take place within Mexican soccer in the short, medium and long term, among which the elimination of repechage and the implementation of decline they are the most important.

Due to this, several current clubs in the first division will suffer the consequences and will have to get sports results from now on so as not to be affected.

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Clubs that will suffer for the elimination of the repechage


The sacred flock has been a constant in this instance, just as proof of this, there is the last tournament where they finished in ninth position in the general table and faced Puebla, being eliminated in a penalty shootout.

Without a doubt, Guadalajara will miss the playoffs.


The university students will find it even more difficult to qualify with only eight tickets available for the league. In the past Apertura 2022 with 12 places in the final phase they failed to get in by being in 16th position in the regular phase.

Pumas and León equalized at 3 goals in their last match.

Blue Cross

Another of the big four that has benefited from the playoff phase, Cruz Azul qualified for the last league by eliminating León in the playoffs. The Blues are a club that usually enters the top eight, however, the previous tournament only scratched the seventh place.

Uriel Antuna would live out his last days as a Cruz Azul player.

Other cases to point out is that of Lion, Atlas, Puebla, Saints which are the teams sent to fight within the first eight positions.

Clubs that will have relegation close


Los Gallos Blancos are currently in last place in the percentage with only 77 points in 88 games played.


The bad seasons have been constant with the Xolos, achieving only 87 points in 89 games, with a percentage of 0.9775.


The Braves have a percentage of 1.0476, although it is misleading because theoretically having been relegated and having paid the fine, only 21 games are counted.

The other clubs that follow are Mazatlán, Necaxa Y saint Louis although these are at lower risk.

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