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Wednesday 1 February, 2023
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If you’ve had your heart broken like Shakira and you definitely don’t want to know anything about your former partner, let us tell you that songs with ‘tiradera’ like the one they wrote for Piqué have gone out of fashion, today’s ‘ Cry Me a Cockroach’ (Cry me a cockroach), a campaign launched by a zoo in the United States , in which you can symbolically call a cockroach , rodent or vegetable with the name of your ex and enjoy watching how they feed it to an animal.

As every year, the San Antonio Zoo , in Texas , continues with a curious tradition that is launched every Valentine’s Day with two main objectives: to help raise funds to support the vision of the place and to ensure a future for the wildlife of its species, and in turn, help many to overcome the memory of their ex-partner .

For this reason, the park recently announced once again the invitation to its already well-known event, so that many ‘ spiteless ‘ can join the fun and thus, you can literally sing like Paquita la del Barrio “ Damn leech, damn cockroach , that you infect where you sting, that you wound and that you kill ”.

How much does the ‘Cry Me a Cockroach’ cost?

According to its publication on Facebook and its website, for only $5 , those interested can name a vegetable and for $10 a cockroach with the name of your ex -partner and thus, the zoo will serve it as a gift to one of their animals .

But that’s not all, if your ex really was a ‘snake’ , the deal may be bigger, as you’ll also be able to name a rat after him , and they ‘ll feed him to a reptile for just $25 . Also, the zoo will pass a video of the moment in which the animals will be fed.

As a show of support for the ‘Cry Me a Cockroach’ fundraiser, patrons will receive a digital downloadable Valentine’s Day card proving their support for the zoo, which you can share on social media using the hashtag # CryMeACockroach and also tag @SanAntonioZoo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

And the cool stuff doesn’t stop there, because as part of your donation, your ex can receive a downloadable digital Valentine’s Day card that lets them know that a cockroach, rodent or plant was named after them and was given to them. to eat an animal at the San Antonio Zoo.

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In case you really want to show off your ex , the zoo also includes a special package for $150 , in which you can include a personalized message during the broadcast , something that Shakira would not have thought of.

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