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Friday 3 February, 2023
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Escuinapa, Sin.- Federal, state and municipal authorities of Nayarit and Sinaloa agreed to take action to resolve the problem of the Valle de la Urraca, that causes damage to both states.

At the meeting held at the Digital Library, Florencio Villa, “The Guilo Lies” the Head of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, Juan Dionicio Aguilar Rivera through the image projection, explained the impact that the construction of a road in the zone.

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The street, which is on the border of both states, does not allow the normal flow of water from the Las Canas River, causing flooding in surrounding communities, affecting homes, but also livestock, agricultural and fishing sectors.

In the case of fishing sector, the reproduction of species in recent years has been reduced drastically, due to the increase in salinity of the water on the side of Sinaloa, which, in turn, has a great impact on the economy of families.

The Municipal President of Escuinapa, Blanca Estela Garcia Sanchez He thanked the authorities for their willingness to provide a solution to this problem and the assistance of citizens and other representatives of different organizations.

“May this statement of reasons be for the benefit of the entire Municipality of Escuinapa, of Nayarit and also of El Rosario, because they are waters that belong to the entire south of Sinaloa and north of Nayarit”, said.

For his part, he Mayor of Acaponeta, Manuel Salcedo Osuna indicated that he is in the best disposition to do the necessary work to solve the problem.

“The fact that our presence has occurred is due to the fact that the joint efforts or take us into account in some ideas so that we develop a plan that is as friendly, as effective as possible and on the part of our Municipality, we reiterate all the facilities”, concluded.

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