Relocating to México NO BULL with México Relocation Guide! Ep01 Part 1 of 2. Obtaining Residency.

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Today is our inaugural episode of our new show “Relocating to México NO BULL!!!”

Retired Life in México NO BULL has teamed up with México Relocation Guide to bring this show to life. In each episode we will be answering common questions on different subjects related to relocating to México.

Today is Episode #1 part 1 of 2, Obtaining Residency in México.

I will be placing chapter markers on the video so you can jump straight to the questions you may have or go back and forth through the video in the order you please.

0:00 – Intro
1:07 – Welcome to our New Show
3:38 – Synopsis of Residency in México and Financial Requirements
7:30 – Why do income requirements vary by city?
12:03 – If it’s so inexpensive to live in México why are the reqs so high?
19:21 – Does a 401K qualify for proof of Financial Solvency?
21:45 – How do you qualify by owning property in México?
23:17. – Can you combine income sources? How does the consulate handle spouse and dependents?
26:47. – What if I can’t meet the financial requirements as a family?
27:49. – Some consulates require you to live in the area.
31:03. – Why is it so hard to get an appointment at the consulates?
37:40. – What are some of the reasons why you could get denied?
42:27 – Residency in México is not a right, it’s a privilege.
47:15. – What’s in store for part 2 of this episode?

Hope this information is useful and look forward to more topics soon!!!

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