“Show it to me,” says Hernández Norzagaray to Rocha on the accusation of corruption

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That Governor Rubén Rocha Moya demonstrate with evidence if there is an act of corruption, said Noroeste columnist and researcher Ernesto Hernández Norzagaray.

This Monday the Governor of Sinaloa used the platform of his La Semanera press conference to speak about national and local communicators who have criticized the administration of the Government of México and the Government of Sinaloa.

In his speech, the Governor stated that Hernández Norzagaray has requested money in exchange for positive projection.

“Columnists of a famous newspaper, one from Mazatlán, but who lives on mocha, who is an academic, who did a doctorate in Spain, and who comes to boast of his doctorate. I know what those doctorates are and the doctorate does not take away their corruption. This is the case of this Hernández Norzagaray, he writes to the highest bidder, he was in a fight with Cuén and now he is dedicated to praising him. He has already changed, they paid him more, they paid him better. They have come for that, it is that they believe they are worth a lot”, said the Governor.

Hernández Norzagaray defended that his actions as a communicator have not corresponded to practices that could lead to accusations of corruption.

“Show me if I write for the highest bidder,” he argued.

“Do not use the rostrum for this type of accusation without showing proof. It is what the politicians with whom we criticize always demand ”.

He defended that during his participation as a columnist he has not received claims or accusations from the state authority.

“I have been in the Northwest for 25 years and he is the first Governor to make these types of remarks. I think he is not even thinking about the scope that his comments may have, ”he commented.

“Politicians are passengers, but the critical press is going to stay forever.”

Hernández Norzagaray did not rule out filing a complaint against Rubén Rocha Moya for comments that stigmatize his work.

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