These are the states with the most unfaithful people

Wednesday 15 February, 2023
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The 14th of February It is one of the most awaited days for thousands of lovers Year after year, couples meet in squares, cinemas or parks to have a great time. However, there are people who they live these days with a broken heart for some infidelity or simply because things had to happen that way.

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before the question Why are people unfaithful? a Mexican television program decided support with research and revealed which are the most unfaithful cities and municipalities in México. According to an image shared by social networks, you can meet the four areas with the most infidels but what are they?

The list is led by Culiacán, Sinaloa followed by Tlanepantla, State of México, in third place is Guadalupe, Nuevo León and ends Naucalpan, México state. With these places, people concluded that the neighboring state of México City it has many unfaithful inhabitants.

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“I wonder what they based those “studies” on? They hired Lizbeth Rodriguez or what pdo?”, “Up CD Neza hahaha”, “Me seeing that my ex was from Tlalnepantla”, or “Those who have a partner in those cities”are some of the comments made by various users.

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Source: Jesús Ramírez Ríos from Publimetro México on 2023-02-14 15:30:14

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