“They don’t bother me,” Rocha rectifies about the military in Sinaloa

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The soldiers who are in the State carrying out surveillance work are not in the way, said Governor Rubén Rocha Moya after he expressed his annoyance on Tuesday about the treatment of elements of the Army with civil society.

He pointed out that when soldiers were in Sinaloa coordination between the state and the Federation should be prioritized.

“We are going to continue doing each one, we just have to coordinate,” said Rocha Moya.

“They don’t bother me.”

This Tuesday, at the Agustina Ramírez award ceremony, the Governor stated that although he is grateful for the work carried out by the Army in the State, there are some actions that have bothered him by the Armed Forces when relating to society civil.

One of the exposed actions is that in the military exhibition that takes place on the esplanade of the Government Palace, military elements are in the access requesting data from the attendees, an action that the Governor described as inspection.

“We are not in a state of siege,” he complained during his speech.

After the violent events that occurred in Sinaloa On January 5, military elements arrived in the State to reinforce security.

On January 9, the arrival of 1,500 elements in the city of Culiacán was registered. On January 15, 300 more elements joined to settle in the Sinaloan capital until further notice.

On February 4, the military exhibition “The Great Force of México” was inaugurated, located on the esplanade of the Government Palace.

Rocha Moya said he did not know the date on which the military elements that are kept in Sinaloaspecifically in the city of Culiacán, return to their bases.

“There is a certain number here, they will surely do it when the exhibition is over,” he commented.

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