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Sunday 5 March, 2023
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March 03, 2023 at 6:15 p.m.

On the 20th anniversary of Banda MS of course we expected something spectacular, they already gave us a walk along the boardwalk of their native Mazatlán in the midst of the hullabaloo of Carnival 2023 a few days ago and now, we can confirm that they will arrive in November on the stage that everyone dreams of; the Foro Sol in México City.

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The place is not new to them, you have to remember that in Vive Latino 2022 they had a participation that surprised even the most skeptical to the few who still didn’t realize or didn’t want to believe how strong the regional Mexican genre is.

So the 20th Anniversary tour, in addition to important arenas such as the MGM Grand Arena on September 15 and his return to Madison Square Garden in New York the same month, stadiums such as Caliente de Tijuana, on March 3 in Guadalajara, the Beto Ávila de Veracruz and now the capital’s venue, this of course added to the more than twenty dates also scheduled for México and the United States.

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The ‘phenomenon of the two letters’, as Banda MS is called, had to go through very important places like the National Auditorium and later the Arena Ciudad de México, This is the sample of the strength that the genre continues to take.

For example, This year we will have Natanael Cano for the first time in the Colossus of Reforma who sold the tickets in just a few hours for their presentation on May 30, the legendary Tucanes de Tijuana who in recent years have toured the world with ‘La Chona’ will make even the seats dance on May 26 and with previous experience at Vive Latino and finally we have Carín León, who will fulfill one more dream and take a giant step in her rising career by performing there on May 14.

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We already need Julión Álvarez back because we must not forget that in 2015 when he was coach of ‘La Voz México’ filled the venue four times.

While that happens, ‘The King of the Box Office’ takes flight filling palenques, He has had to open one more date in Cuernavaca and in Aguascalientes he will be performing on April 30 and May 1the season of fairs is going to be good, the public responds every year regardless of the prices of the tickets and it is that, for example, to see Alejandro Fernández, the prices range between one thousand and four thousand pesos, a little lower than the by Christian Nodal, Alfredo Olivas and Pepe Aguilar, who are also highly valued.

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