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Monday 6 March, 2023
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The president of Peru, Dina Boluarte, will go in person to the Prosecutor’s Office to give her testimony in the investigation for genocide opened against her, as a result of the 70 deaths in the protest demonstrations to date, according to what her lawyer reported this Sunday to a local media.

The summons issued to Boluarte by the National Prosecutor, Patricia Benavides, is for Tuesday, March 7 in person, unlike the request of the Presidency of the Republic, which proposed to do so virtually.

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“The decision of the doctor (Boluarte) to participate in the proceedings of the Prosecutor’s Office has always been positive and with all the will to want to help in the investigation of the truth and of the investigation in particular,” attorney Kelly Montenegro told the newspaper Trade.

The lawyer added that “the issue is that if the Prosecutor’s Office indicates that the procedure will be in person, then it will go in person.”

Montenegro assured that “there has never been an intention to want, let’s say, hinder or hinder the work carried out by the National Prosecutor’s Office. Never.”

In this sense, he announced that this Sunday he will have a coordination meeting with the president on the subject of his notification to the Prosecutor’s Office.

Consulted on Friday at a press conference, Boluarte replied that she would be attending “with great pleasure” when the Prosecutor’s Office notifies her of the proceeding.

The National Prosecutor’s Office opened a preliminary investigation against the head of state last January for the alleged crimes of genocide, qualified homicide and serious injuries due to the deaths and injuries caused by anti-government protests since last December in various regions of the country.

Included in the preliminary investigation are the President of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otárola; his predecessor Pedro Angulo; Defense Minister Jorge Chávez, and former ministers Víctor Rojas and César Cervantes.

discontent remains

Social protests broke out in Peru after the failed coup d’état by former President Pedro Castillo on December 7, 2022 and continued from January and the following months with a series of mobilizations and confrontations with law enforcement to demand Boluarte’s resignation. the closing of the Congress, the advancement of the general elections and the convocation of a constituent assembly.

According to the Ombudsman’s Office, 48 people died during clashes with law enforcement, while a policeman lost his life after being burned alive and another 11 people due to roadblocks by protesters.

President Boluarte confirmed another death from these same causes, that of a patient who needed to reach Lima but was held up in the blockades, and Unicef ​​reported the death of an unborn baby, in addition to the death of a woman in the northern region of La Freedom, reported by the Police.

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The Prime Minister, Alberto Otárola, confirmed on January 19 the death of four Haitian citizens and days later the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Acnur) raised the number to seven citizens of that country who were left stranded. , exposed to climatic adversities and limited access to basic services.

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