government of Sinaloa prepares the purchase of 67 latest model vehicles

Monday 6 March, 2023
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CULIACÁN._ The Government of Sinaloa through the Ministry of Administration and Finance, began the bidding process to acquire 67 2023 model vehicles with different characteristics, among which are four motorcycles, for various areas and dependencies.

Among the entities that requested the purchase of the vehicles are the Secretary of Public Security of Sinaloa the Directorate of Goods and Supplies, the Administrative Coordination of the General Secretariat of Government, the General Coordination of Technological Development and Special Projects and the Department of Social Communication.

In a breakdown, the Ministry of Public Security requested the purchase of a double-cab pick-up truck and three SUV-type vehicles, in addition to four motorcycles and accessories for their drivers, such as helmets, gloves, and body protection equipment.

The Directorate of Goods and Supplies was the area that requested the most vehicles, totaling 49 requirements. This area requested eight SUVs, 30 sedans and 11 double-cab pickups.

The Secretary of Government requested two urban vans with a capacity of eight passengers.

The General Coordination of Technological Development and Special Projects requested two double-cab pick-up trucks, two SUVs and two sedan-type vehicles.

In the case of the Department of Social Communication, a van type vehicle was requested to transport passengers.

In this bidding process, the presentation of the proposals by the companies interested in supplying the vehicles took place on March 3.

In the document that summarizes the proposals, it is recorded that the companies interested in obtaining the tender are Automotriz Lagunera, Autos y Tractors de Culiacán, Autos Faza and Grupo Torres Corso.

According to the document, none of the four interested companies presented a proposal in all the items, so it would not be possible in a first tender to supply the requested vehicles.

The document points out arithmetic errors in the proposals submitted by three of the four companies.

The only one that would have correctly presented its proposal would be Automotriz Lagunera, whose proposal represents one million 862 thousand 900 pesos with taxes included, since it only proposed supplying the item containing an SUV type vehicle for the Ministry of Public Security.

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