There are 7 officials fired from SEPyC for corruption

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There are not five officials who were dismissed from the Ministry of Public Education and Culture of Sinaloa due to acts of corruption, there were a total of 7, the dependency confirmed to Northwest.

Teodocio Joel Fausto García, former Head of the State Department of Secondary Education, and Flor Mireya García López, former Head of Artistic Education, are added to the previously released list.

In mid-February it was made public that a group of high-level SEPyC officials benefited from overtime and teaching positions, using their high-profile positions within the agency.

After an investigation, on February 14, the SEPyC reported the dismissal of 5 officials: Graciela Grijalva Castro, Director of State Primary Education; Delia Esmeralda López Altamirano, Director of the State Preschool Education Department; Jesús Iván Tirado Páez, Administrative Officer of the State Preschool; Jesús Alfonso Durán López, Deputy Director of Personnel; and Carlos Alberto Lizárraga García, Head of the Department of the Educational branch of the Human Resources Department of the Undersecretary of Administration and Finance.

The agency confirmed that Teodocio Joel Fausto García and Flor Mireya García López would have been the first to be separated from their positions, 10 days before their colleagues, for which reason they did not appear in the official list released by the SEPyC.

After these dismissals, on March 1, the Undersecretary of Basic Education of the SEPyC, Horacio Lora Oliva, resigned from his position.

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