Judge rules in favor of UAS and stops Higher Education Law

Thursday 9 March, 2023
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A Federal Judge would have ruled in favor of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa at the request of the institution to reverse the General Law of Higher Education of the State due to a series of irregularities detected.

Rector Jesús Madueña Molina declared that this Wednesday morning he was notified of the ruling in favor, however he did not specify legal details.

“To inform you that I have just been notified that the Eighth District Judge has just agreed with us, and suspends all the acts that we claim, among them that we had commented on the 11 inconsistencies that we saw in the Education Law, there the University already has more protection and at least the Judiciary is already bowing down and is manifesting itself in agreeing with the Autonomous University of Sinaloa”, said the academic.

On February 27, Madueña Molina announced that her cabinet was preparing a challenge against the Higher Education Law for presenting inconsistencies that put university autonomy at risk.

One of the points established by the Law is that any consultation to modify the organic laws of the autonomous universities will be convened by the State Congress according to the parameters, guidelines and methodology that it considers.

This Tuesday, 35 legislators from the Congress of Sinaloa they presented reform initiatives to the Organic Law of the UAS. Among the proposals are modifications to the guidelines for electing a Chancellor.

“I hope that the compañeros deputies from the different factions that have been, repeatedly, trampling on university autonomy, that they respect, that they are less ambitious, and if the judges revive the issue, we will be watching,” said Madueña Molina about the issue.

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Source: from Noroeste Culiacán on 2023-03-08 14:03:36

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