“There is a real estate cartel,” denounces José Alarcón when leaving the Mazatlán City Hall – El Sol de Mazatlán

Thursday 9 March, 2023
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The official held the position for four months and left by “orders from above”

Mazatlán, Sin.- After just over four months at the helm of the Housing and Land Tenure Department , José Carlos González Alarcón was dismissed on Monday , March 7, by Mayor Edgar González Zataráin , as confirmed by the former official himself in a press conference , where he announced the existence of a “real estate cartel” in the Mazatlán City Hall .

” Yesterday at 1:48 in the afternoon the municipal president spoke to me on the phone telling me that an order had come from above that the Housing Department had to leave , that the daughter of Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez , leader of those displaced by violence to replace me ,” he declared.

He had served in the position since last October 31 , when he was appointed by González Zatarain himself . The reason for his dismissal ? The discovery and exposure of “a real estate cartel ” within the municipality .

” I had been at the address for five months and about three months ago I demonstrated with evidence (to the mayor) that there was a very strong real estate cartel within the town hall .”

How does it work?

González Alarcón pointed out that when he assumed the leadership he had the intention of detonating and regularizing housing , since it is one of the main social problems in the municipality , but when citizens approached the agency to request support , he was met with a great surprise .

The settlers began to denounce the sale and deed of properties where the names of Tonatiu Guerra Martínez , current director of Social Welfare , Roberto Terrones Cortés, former director of Housing and Land Tenure and who until recently worked as an official in the Jumapam and even that of Loar López , current secretary of the Presidency .

” People come to the address and begin to show incredible information , the sale of land that was not owned by them (above-mentioned officials) and that was registered to them .”

He explained that he detected a pattern in all the complaints , when a neighbor came to try to solve the irregularity problem , upon receiving the documentation , the officials saw an opportunity in those lands , they established a relationship with the leaders of the neighborhood to introduce them some services in exchange for quotas and incidentally adjudicate a few pieces of land for themselves through prestanombres .

It was found that these were fraudulent operations such as irregular land sales and falsification of deeds , all with the intention of stripping the homes of these families who have been living there for years, decades and only have one possession .

” A Jumapam official who was the former director of Housing, Roberto Terrones , went in a truck, grabbed my arm and took me out . I had given him my papers and it turns out that he put a young lady over my house and told her gave deeds “, reads one of the testimonies presented .

person who sells a lot that does not belong to him, said José Carlos, is tax fraud and the Financial Investigation Unit must be prosecuted because they are having income from something that is not and also evading taxes.

Upon discovering this type of modus operandi , the former officials commented that he exposed it to González Zatarain , the prosecutor Claudia Magdalena Cárdenas Díaz , and the head of the Internal Control Body , Rafael Padilla Díaz and to date no one has done anything.

” The president told me: ‘hey, in the month of March Tonatiú Guerra leaves and in the month of April the comptroller Rafael Padilla leaves .”

The mayor cannot say that he did not know , he added, since his signature is printed on one of those fraudulent deeds; the mayor has extensive knowledge , he pointed out, what happens is that he is a liar .

” The Housing Directorate is only there to barter and steal. I informed him (González Zatarain) even though they are giving him appointments as a good person .”

González Alarcón considered that all this type of fraudulent operations is for the extinction of properties, if so, it means that there is something much bigger behind it ; a ” multi-headed monster “.


At least four complaints have already been filed with the Attorney General’s Office , he assured, and in all of them the names of Tonatiu Guerra , Roberto Terrones and Loar López also appear .

José Carlos acknowledged that after these statements there will surely be reprisals, which he said he will face, at the same time that he will help the settlers independently .

He also recognized that before being a municipal official he was an adviser to vulnerable groups , including those displaced by violence in the south of the state , a cause headed by the Sinaloense Broad Social Movement , from which he said he had distanced himself a few months ago when the movement began to take on nuances politicians .

At the moment the municipal authorities have not made any statement in this regard , this day the mayor Edgar González Zatarain held an agenda in the state capital , although on Monday he announced that there would be a ‘castling’ in one of the addresses .

Governor Rubén Rocha Moya and the aldermen are already aware of the matter , because in the last session of the Cabildo abierto, held a couple of weeks ago, some settlers presented their case. However , no one said anything .

The Estero , Jaripillo , Bugambilias and Urías neighborhoods are some of those in this situation .

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Source: from El Sol de Mazatlán | Noticias Locales, Policiacas, sobre México, Sinaloa y el Mundo – frontpage on 2023-03-08 16:57:29

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