Iván Escalante and his Blood of Sinaloa sings to heartbreak with Y me cansé

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At barely 23 years old, the young singer, musician and composer Ivan Escalante He is very clear that he wants to pursue a career in music. She told Debate that she has sung for as long as she can remember, but it was only in 2020 that she decided to launch herself professionally. Ivan Escalante brings music in his veins, as he assures that in his family most of him sings.

Although he has only had a very short time in the musical world, he comments that things have gone well for him and he is going with a firm step to achieve all his goals, and many doors are opening for him.

heartbreak theme

On the subject that he promotes, he expressed that, And I got tired, it was born from an experience that happened to one of the members of his group. He talks about a person who treated him badly, that he got tired of the contempt that that loved one made him. He stressed that it is a subject that all the hurt will be very good and will soon also have its official video.

Admire Ariel Camacho

With his musical project Ivan Escalante y su Sangre de Sinaloa, the musician and composer, assures that he makes a difference with his very own style in the Sierra genre, which also includes corridos, rancheritas and romantic songs for all tastes. He also confessed that he focused precisely on the sierreño genre because of Ariel Camacho, whom he greatly admires.

As a singer, Iván Escalante has many aspirations, including hitting the best stages in México, as well as in other countries, and as a composer, he would like important singers to record his songs, starting with Luis R. Conriquez.

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Source: Jijian Sarahí Luna Barrón from DEBATE on 2023-03-14 14:46:51

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