They prepare to fight for a good price for corn and wheat

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The agricultural producers of Sinaloa they’re organizing to carry out mobilizations in order to put pressure on the Lopez Obrador government to define a price of 7,000 pesos per ton of corn and 8,000 for wheat. They will deploy it when they are flatly disappointed that the federal administration will not meet their demand that they raise because only with the price they are raising they would have profitability in this agricultural cycle.

producers have plenty of arguments to demand the support of the federal government, since they adhered to the project that was presented to them at the beginning of the agricultural cycle to be self-sufficient in the corn production by agreeing to increase the grain planting area.

In fact, the men of the field They hope that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will respond to them to compensate for the difficult situation that they have gone through this season. In principle, they cut off their credit from the National Development Bank, the prices of inputs skyrocketed, among other factors.

In this sense, what producers expect is reciprocity of support of the morenista federal government that you are pricing corn and wheat below what is required for a minimum profit. Since there are no indications that the price of these grains will be reconsidered, the men of the countryside are preparing for the protests, as the leaders of the agricultural organizations have already expressed.

It is their right to demonstrate, but it is convenient that they do so without affecting third parties, without deviating from the rule of law.

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Source: Opinión Estatal from DEBATE on 2023-03-15 05:14:33

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