Chepe Express will change its route and will not reach Los Mochis

Friday 17 March, 2023
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The rains and landslides that are recorded on the route will cause a change in the itinerary on the only passenger train in Mexico.

The Chepe Express will stop leaving and arriving in Los Mochis in the months of August and September, preventing the rainy season and landslides that occur on the route , informed Sarahí Cervantes, Secretary of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies.

He specified that from August 4 to September 24 the arrival and departure of the Chepe Exprés to Los Mochis will be suspended and the new itinerary implies that it will leave Chihuahua, arrive at Creel and Divisadero and return to Chihuahua. 

«Here the priority is the safety of the passengers and having quality in the service, we as a travel agency of course that affects us in Sinaloa; However, this notice with a long time in advance we will be able to reschedule the itineraries, last year when the bullfights opened they did not have the dates of August and September, now we know why, “he revealed.

Through a statement, Ferromex was informed that there have been infrastructure problems for years  , and last year the Chepe bullfight was canceled for two months , for which reason it was planned to change the route to avoid facing the same problem. 

It seeks to avoid its passage through the most complicated area

Since last year, work has been carried out on the Chepe route affected by rains and landslides , for which reason the alternative  route will avoid crossing Sinaloa between El Fuerte and Divisadero, the area with the greatest landslides in the mountains.

During the first months of this year, the Chepe Express route has had full demand and is the most requested route in the north of the Sinaloa bundle, which will affect visits for the months of August and September due to the suspension of bullfights. from Los Mochis.

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