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Amandititita prepares an album in which she addresses topics that she values ​​such as life, the spiritual and intelligence

Amandititita believes that what represents her in these 16 years of her career are her words. Those words that led her to move away from the pop singer image , and forge her own path as a different punk figure .

With this security that he feels today, he will go up this Sunday to the VL Tent of Vive Latino , this being the first time he has stepped foot in that festival alone.

“I can support myself by myself, I am very grateful to all the musicians who for so many years made me stop, because I needed it, I felt very lonely on those stages and now I feel that I can do it”.

The singer recalled that her first time at that event had to resort to rock colleagues, because at that time (more than a decade ago) there was not much openness to artists from other genres other than rock performing there.

“It was 11 years ago, I had just left my label (Sony) , very badly because we had problems. At that time they related me as a singer from Televisa or TV Azteca , very popular,” she recalls in an interview.

“I come from rock , I am the daughter of a rocker , and my friends are rockers, so I invited Poncho from Santa Sabina to play , Lino Nava from La Lupita , Pato from La maldita vecindad , Jessy Bulbo, Ulises Lozano from Kinky . Somehow they were all holding me up and supporting me, I had to do that to dare to go on stage.”

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Now her name stands alone, but above all, she has the confidence of knowing that the songs she composes have an impact among the public.


In addition to his participation in the Vive Latino Festival , he will appear at the Indie Rock Forum and is preparing new studio material, which he hopes to launch in August, and represents a new stage in his career and in the message of mental health and self-esteem that seeks to communicate

“People have seen me grow up with them, they saw me very angry, trying to change society or take pictures of what was wrong, talking about racism. And then they saw me very sad,” he declared.

“Now my goal is that they see what I now value, life, the spiritual, intelligence, what is not seen, love. My emphasis on this new album is that we stop judging the bodies and decisions of others, and we begin to realize that in life the only thing that remains and matters is the love we give to others and to ourselves”.


More than considering herself a musician , Amandititita perceives herself as a writer and lyricist . For this reason, she never gets carried away by the speed of the industry, which today requires artists to constantly release songs to be current.

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Her most recent single, “Gato”, took her about six months to compose, and it has filled her with satisfaction because the response from the public has been very positive. “It’s been one of the songs that she hadn’t felt like she had exploded in such an organic way for a long time.

“I was in a very big label , Sony Music , I was also in a very indie label that was Terrícolas, and now I am with an aggregator. I have known the industry in all its modalities, and my conclusion is what matters is a good song “, finished.

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