The death of the PRI and the mission to revive a dying party

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Perhaps the affirmation of the imminent death of the PRI is too tragic. Other times, such as when the first victory of the opposition in México took place at the hands of Vicente Fox Quesada, it was said that it was impossible for the then official party to rise from the mortal blow dealt by the Mexican voters. So devastating was the victory of the PAN candidate that no one thought of the day the Institutional Revolutionary would return victorious to Los Pinos.

However, after the successful campaign of a “New PRI” and a very effective leadership of Humberto Moreira Two PAN presidential terms were enough for a PRI candidate to return to the National Palace.

However, that tufted fox named Enrique Pena Nieto Extremely fond of corrupt practices, he disappointed millions of citizens who had bought the tale of the new PRI. Among his corruptions was the infamous White House and, above all, having cowardly handed over the Presidency of the Republic to the then candidate of Morena, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Suffice it to say that in his self-exile, Peña Nieto has lived peacefully, without the slightest threat from justice thanks to his always grateful successor. Perhaps out of fear of being brought to trial for his countless corruptions, Peña handed México over to a character thirsty for power, sowing, in true Cuban style, misery among millions of citizens.

Since then, the PRI has fallen from the grace of Mexican voters, and even more so if we add that its still national leader is a character who has the same characteristics as Peña Nieto: he is vain, addicted to power, and deeply corrupt. Alejandro Moreno it is synonymous with servility, fraud, political rottenness and electoral failure. Never in its history has the PRI lost in the elections of so many states and so many municipalities as now. When “Amlito” launched his national leadership, the PRI had a third of all the governorships in the country. Later it was losing Sonora, Sinaloa, Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi, Tlaxcala, Baja California Sur, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Colima, Oaxaca, Campeche and, according to all forecasts, the State of México, one of the last bastions of the PRI, will soon be lost. If it weren’t for the fact that in Coahuila we have the best rated governor in México, already Manolo Jimenez as the favorite candidate in all the polls, we would put our state on that blacklist of Alejandro Moreno.

As if that were not enough, “Amlito” clung to remaining as leader of the tricolor until the 2024 electoral process concludes, trickily modifying the statutes. This has brought enormous wear and tear. Within his party, he has been the object of harsh criticism from characters such as Francisco Labastida Ochoa, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong, Dulce María Sauri, Claudia Ruiz Massieu and Beatriz Paredes, among others. But this hardly mattered to the unpresentable of Alejandro Moreno until the INE invalidated the reform to the PRI statutes promoted by itself. With this decision of the General Council of the INE, Moreno Cárdenas must leave the leadership on August 18 and the PRI will have to convene an internal process to elect a new president.

So far there are many shooters with the mission of resuscitating a dying PRI. The one who raised his hand first was Osorio Chong and possibly the responsibility of giving new life to his party falls on him. Another candidate could be the ex-governor of Coahuila Ruben Moreira Valdez. In addition to being a renowned electoral strategist and an astute politician, in recent years he has positioned himself as one of the most active political figures at the national level as he is the leader of the PRI party in the Chamber of Deputies. However, he weighs against him the evident political closeness that he has with Alejandro Moreno. Another great leader of the PRI could be Miguel Riquelme Solis. His leadership led him to govern Coahuila responsibly. Each of his actions was aimed at making the state one of the safest in México; he faced the COVID-19 pandemic in a way that became a national example; During his administration, job offers have abounded, to the extent that Coahuila is the state with the least informality in the country. All this despite the budget cuts that President López Obrador has imposed on one of the entities that contributes the most resources to the national coffers.

The PRI members of Coahuila and Durango have done something right, the last bastions that this party will surely have. For the same reason, the next leader of the PRI must emerge from these entities.

“Amlito” has left a dying PRI. So many political and electoral failures were believed to be impossible. But México needs a strong opposition, with candidates concerned more with the welfare of the people than with alleviating their own hunger for power and wealth. Alejandro Moreno it represents the worst that said political institute has had throughout history. His successor or successor will have to do a lot to make the PRI once again become one of the political options that offers the best results for Mexicans.

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