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Saturday 18 March, 2023
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The Ibero-American music and art festival receives for the first time this Sunday the northern music group

To celebrate 30 years of career, Grupo Pesado is preparing a double album with their norteño music hits in orchestral sound, for which they hope to invite rocker Alejandra Guzmán to record the song Ojalá que te mueras as a duet and also get Miguel Bosé to participate in the project, informs Beto Zapata, vocalist and accordionist of the group, who stressed that they will make their debut at the 23rd edition of the Vive Latino Festival , next Sunday.

In a virtual conference , Zapata reiterated that its inclusion in said Ibero-American festival where artists of various musical genres converge is another success for the group, which is related to rock , since they have recorded with the Argentine singer Vicentico and the Mexican group Kinky.

“Grateful because they chose us to exhibit our music at a festival of such magnitude. It is very important to us, since we are a norteño group and other artists are from other musical genres that are not divorced from ours.

“In relation to the public, for us it is also important because they are an audience focused on rock and its variants and they listen to little norteño, so Vive Latino represents an excellent showcase for us to be present and for rock music to know that we have been here since 30 years ago and we continue to sing love songs, heartbreak corridos and all kinds of songs in the norteño genre”, Zapata stated.

He confessed that they still do not know if they will do an improvised duet in their participation on the Vive Latino stage , on the 19th, “yes, it would be very cool, to collaborate with a soloist or group. We are very excited because the festival is different from what we do every weekend with our northern music.

” Vive Latino is a great event with an incredible attendance capacity, so our participation is a great commitment and we hope that the audience will sing some songs from Pesado , it is our challenge.”

He spoke of the nickname “agricultural” for the norteño genre. “It came out when we went to sing the National Anthem at a sporting event and a media personality said it on the air. I didn’t hear it directly, they told me the comment and they thought we would be upset, but no.

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“I feel proud and an admirer of the roots of norteño music . My beginnings were knowing the founders, Los Alegres de Terán , its beginnings were in 1948; The Mountaineers of the Alamo, The Huerta Sisters, The Jilguerillas. The nickname ‘farming music’ I don’t know with what intention is said to norteño music and it doesn’t offend us. We would like to return to the field with their values, respect for parents, for people, we are proud of our musical roots”.

Of his performance at Vive Latino , he announced that apart from his accordion songs , “it’s a bit of mariachi, it’s what we have also included in our presentations as the band.” They will interpret songs like I hope you die , Shriek elsewhere , I believed him , My promise , Loco , and Affectionate little girl .

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Source: from El Sol de Mazatlán | Noticias Locales, Policiacas, sobre México, Sinaloa y el Mundo – frontpage on 2023-03-17 01:00:00

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