Italians find oil in Gulf of México; would contain 200 million barrels

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México._ The Italian company Eni announced this Friday that it found an oil deposit on the coast of the Gulf of México, in the southeast of the country, whose first estimates indicate that it would contain around 200 million barrels.

This is a discovery made in Block 7 of the exploration prospect called Yatzil, Eni said, located in the mid-deep waters of the Salina Basin, located off the southeastern coast of México. “Based on preliminary estimates, the new find may contain around 200 million barrels of oil (MBoe) in place,” he said in a statement.

Yatzil-1 EXP is the second well drilled in Block 7, the oil company said, and the eighth successfully drilled in the Southeast Basin by Eni. It is located approximately at a sea depth of 284 meters and reaches a total depth of 2,441 meters.

“Yatzil-1 EXP found more than 40 meters of net productive sands with good quality oil in the Upper Miocene sequences with an excellent confirmed petrophysical property,” he explained. Interestingly, the find was announced a day before México commemorates the Oil Expropriation.

The discovery comes after those made in Saasken and Sayulita, in Block 10, highlighted Erni, who has established himself in México since 2006 and has had his own subsidiary, Eni México S. de RL de CV, since 2015. The oil company has currently rights to explore eight production sites and blocks, six of them as operator, all located in the Southeast Basin of the Gulf of México.


In 2021, the Italian oil company announced the discovery of a new oil field in México that, according to its preliminary estimates, may have reserves of between 150 and 200 million barrels.

The discovery was made in block 10 in mid-depth waters in Cuenca Salina Sureste, the company explained in a note.

The Sayulita-1 EXP well, where the discovery occurred, is the seventh well drilled successfully by Eni in the Cuenca Salina area, approximately 70 kilometers offshore and only 15 km from the previous Saasken oil discovery to be Will review by the end of the year.

Sayulita-1 EXP encountered 55 meters of net oil production of good quality and the data acquired indicates a well production capacity of up to approximately 3,000 barrels of oil per day.

On March 18, 2021, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the discovery of an oil field in Tabasco with a reserve of up to 600 million barrels, news that strengthens the Mexican Government’s strategy to rescue that national industry that for decades was pillar for development. This deposit will be called Francisco José Múgica, in honor of the revolutionary General.

“The only owner of oil is the people of México. And the benefits of oil will always be for the people of México”, said the Head of State during his speech, which recalled the 83rd Anniversary of the Oil Expropriation, an act of nationalization of the industry carried out in 1938 as a result of the Law of Expropriation of 1936.

Previously, Octavio Romero Oropeza, head of Pemex, assured: “This March 18, located in the Acachapan y Colmena ranch in the municipality of Centro Tabasco, behind them is the giant discovery well in their administration, whose initial volume is estimated between 500 and 600 million barrels of oil”.

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