Jaime Labastida, Jaime Martuscelli and Antonio López Sáenz are Emeritus Members of the College of Sinaloa – The Sun of Mazatlán

Saturday 18 March, 2023
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They highlight their contribution to the cultural and scientific construction of the state and the country

Mazatlán, Sin.- This Friday the Colegio de Sinaloa invested as Emeritus Members three of its members, Jaime Martuscelli, Antonio López Sáenz and Jaime Labastida.

The event held at the Casa Haas in Mazatlán was attended by the Secretary of Tourism, Estrella Palacios Domínguez , representing the state governor, Rubén Rocha Moya.

Jaime Labastida, on behalf of the three winners, said that the recognition they were given does not exempt them from their tasks, but rather forces them to try to improve themselves even more.

“We are inspired by a single purpose, not just an objective: that of excellence , ” he said.

Moments before the event, for health reasons, Antonio López Sáenz received the recognition at his home and although he was not present, all those present also gave him a standing ovation with their applause.

The most select of Sinaloan intelligence

In her message, Estrella Palacios Domínguez said she felt sheltered by the most select of Sinaloan intelligence.

“In addition, with the representation of the governor , it is truly stimulating to continue my tasks and responsibilities with more zeal at the head of the state Ministry of Tourism ,” he said.

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I add that Rocha Moya entrusted him to extend a very deferential greeting to Elmer Mendoza , president of El Colegio de Sinaloa and the most enthusiastic congratulations to Antonio López Sáenz, Jaime Labastida and Jaime Martuscelli.

“The existence of academic, cultural, professional or scientific institutions as prestigious as El Colegio de Sinaloa is of great importance. Because all these types of institutions, although they do not work like organizations of a strictly political nature, their social mission, in the field of the same, is the creation and dissemination of knowledge, the defense of freedom and, in general, of the values ​​of democracy ,” he noted.

All societies, he added, need to promote the organization and permanence of entities such as El Colegio de Sinaloa.

“Their contribution to improving material and cultural living conditions is strategic, which is why the Sinaloa government has at the center of its six-year agenda to strengthen the educational area in an integral way.”

three important characters

During her speech, the Secretary of Tourism revealed part of the great achievements that the three laureates have reaped.

“The production and cultural legacy of his appointment has been and is of the utmost importance to contribute and give prestige to the development of science and culture in Sinaloa, not only in Mexico, but also abroad, Jaime Labastida, intellectual, philosopher and poet from Mochiteco, founder of El Colegio de Sinaloa; Antonio López Sáenz, painter and sculptor from Mazatlan, and Jaime Martuscelli, from Cosalte, scientific star in biochemistry and health ,” he said.

He stressed that his high distinction as Emeritus Members is only an act of justice and the payment of contributing to the cultural and scientific edification of Sinaloa and Mexico.

“With the abundant and highly qualified artistic, philosophical-literary , and scientific work of these three Sinaloan celebrities, why shouldn’t they be distinguished with one of the highest recognitions that their house, El Colegio de Sinaloa, can grant them?”

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