Mike Pompeo proposes using drones against Mexican cartels

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Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo proposed this Friday to use drones against Mexican cartels.

In an article on the American Center for Law and Justice website, he argued that “if we want to address both the immigration crisis and the opioid epidemic that has claimed the lives of so many people, the best thing we can do is secure our border.” and go after the cartels.

Pompeo recalled that “as Secretary of State, I suggested that we use drones to attack the cartels. We know where they are and what they are doing; we should not wait for the problem to arrive at our door to address it. If the Mexican government cannot or does not want to remove them, we must protect the American people.”

“The Mexican government is not up to the fight”

The former secretary indicated that “the cartels are sending more of their deadly products across our border because they know that the Biden administration is weak and is not serious about defending America’s borders.”

He remarked that “by now, we should know that the Mexican government is not up to the task of confronting the cartels, since it has lost or abdicated control of vast portions of its own country. Its total lack of sovereignty was made clear last week when four Americans were kidnapped, two of whom were killed during the kidnapping, by the Gulf Cartel less than a mile beyond our southern border.

“It is also likely that the cartels were behind a massive rush of migrants across the US border bridge at El Paso, Texas, this past weekend, a spectacle intended to distract and occupy the resources of Border Patrol agents. “.

He said the waves of migrants “are driven by unstable governments and transnational cartels that operate as narco-terrorist entities, using waves of migrants to profit from human trafficking and drug smuggling.”

He added that “the US government should designate the main drug cartels: the Gulf Cartel (responsible for the recent kidnappings and murders), the Northeast Cartel, the Sinaloa and the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel, to name a few, as foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs).”

He also mentioned that “administration officials were quick to confirm that they had no interest in designating these poison suppliers as FTOs.”

Diplomatic engagement prioritized over saving American lives, says

Pompeo questioned that “diplomatic engagement and cooperation with México is being prioritized over saving American lives. How exactly is this cooperation and engagement helping the United States? Where the Trump administration’s cooperation with México yielded good results, such as the agreements Stay in México, Biden’s “cooperation” has been non-existent”.

The former secretary concluded: “Fighting the cartels with sanctions and financial wars is not enough. Truly confronting these vicious narco-terrorist organizations requires the full spectrum of American power. It will require going after Chinese Communist Party-backed entities that are funneling precursor compounds to the cartels, which are needed to manufacture these deadly drugs, a veritable “root cause” of the opioid crisis.

“To do this, we not only need to penalize cartels more effectively, we need to crush them. And the only way we can do that is if we treat them like the terrorists they are and hold all those who associate with them accountable.” , indicated.

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