Teacher opened an OnlyFans to pay for her mom’s chemotherapy

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México.- The teacher Etzane went viral in social networks for sharing videos on TikTok to respond to messages sent by parents of their students for having a TikTok account onlyfans.

Through TikTok @etzane_, the teacher Etzane Peña began to gain popularity after creating an account to upload adult content to the platform onlyfans to be able to earn more money and pay for her mother’s chemotherapies.

The teacher received WhatsApp messages from the parents of her students after learning about the controversy for having onlyfans.

However, the teacher replied that this does not affect the education of her children, and they also began to ask her personal questions such as if she has a partner or if she would like to go out with them.

Etzane opened her OnlyFans account to be able to pay for her mother’s chemotherapy treatment expenses who was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year 2013 and that in the year 2019, the disease became metastasis.

Etzane, being the eldest daughter, took charge of her mother’s treatment since 2016, but her salary as a teacher was not enough, so she decided to open her account onlyfans to be able to afford the medicines, chemotherapy and surgeries for his mother.

Teacher opened an OnlyFans to pay for her mom’s chemotherapy

The young woman faced criticism from her family, friends and acquaintances; unfortunately her mother died, but she decided to continue with her account in onlyfans to pay for his brother’s tuition and help another lady who also has cancer.

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