The art gallery ‘FMGC’ will hold its first auction in April

Saturday 18 March, 2023
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Culiacan, Sinaloa.- Hoping to bring the Sinaloan public closer to the world of art and open new spaces for artists to exhibit their works, FMGC Gallery It is preparing to open its doors on April 22.

The art gallery will hold an auction in honor of its opening, where a wide variety of priceless paintings by renowned artists will be for sale.

diffusion of art

The muralist, painter and plastic artist Ernesto Rios Rocha is in charge of this new project, which was created in association with the World Federation of Cultural Managers. The newly founded organization hopes to facilitate cultural diffusion to artists from more than 30 countries.

“We are just beginning to set up offices in each country, so the goal of this gallery is for it to become the official headquarters of the Federation, here in Sinaloa”, affirmed Ríos Rocha.

FMGC Gallery It will not only exhibit prestigious works created by local, national and international artists, it will also offer a wide variety of courses for the public interested in the world of art. The muralist highlighted the gallery’s efforts to become a new artistic center for Sinaloans.

“It can be said that it is the first gallery that is going to dedicate itself to the dissemination of culture, that it is completely independent and that it is not sponsored by anything. We would like the Governor to turn to this place and give us some support,” he commented.

The gallery will hold its first auction on April 22 at 6:00 p.m., in which they will find works by artists such as Luis Nishizawa, Alfredo Zalce, Jose Luis Cuevas, Pablo O’Higgins, Santos Balmori, Juan Soriano, Manuel Felguerez, Alejandro Quijano, Chucho Reyes and Fermín Revueltas. Ernesto Rios extended his invitation to the public to be part of this event.

“It’s a great opportunity because the artists we have, we know will go up in price even more over time and we have some emerging artists who promise to become renowned artists,” said the muralist.

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Source: Paulina Villaverde from DEBATE on 2023-03-17 14:04:25

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