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Saturday 18 March, 2023
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Mazatlán, Sin.- In the second week of March , the products of the basic basket in Mazatlán register more increases that “hit” the pockets of citizens hard.

In a tour carried out by El Sol de Mazatlán through the Pino Suárez market, it was verified how products such as eggs and onions registered increases of between 10 and 15 percent compared to last month.

“Every day the cost of products increases , at this rate we are going to have to reduce our expenses a lot to be able to live, and any product is more expensive than anything, the egg went from being an accessible food to being a food almost the same As expensive as meat, it’s almost the same, how expensive the truth is, now having breakfast is a luxury,” said Amalia Díaz, a housewife who does her shopping at the downtown supply center.

Currently the price of the egg bag is between 100 and 105 pesos , maintaining its cost compared to last month.

However, people who consumed this product frequently began to buy it in smaller quantities, such as 20, 30 or 40 pesos, which is the cost of a quarter of a kilo or less. While per kilo, tilefish costs between 55 and 68 pesos.

locator of the food market assured that the sales of this product have not been affected, but that people are already beginning to complain about the increase that it has suffered.

In the second week of March, the products of the basic basket in Mazatlán register more increases. Photo. Faust McConegly | The Sun of Mazatlan

“Many people already complain about the cost of eggs , yes it can affect us, but to date people continue to buy, although now they do it in smaller quantities, they no longer consume on a large scale as before, the first days there were those who said that It had risen a lot and that we are very expensive, but they also understood that it is not in us, to date it hurts their pocket , ” said Ignacio Galván, a tenant of the Pino Suárez market.

Vegetables have also registered increases in their prices , as products such as purple onion cost between 30 and 32 pesos in some stores, while white onion is between 22 and 33 pesos.

“The price of purple onion is 30 pesos, this is more expensive, in addition to the fact that it is more consumed by people who have businesses that involve food, such as taquerias, seafood, diners , those who have this type of business, are those who consume this item the most, we give it 28 pesos for white onion, people consume it because it is very common, although the price varies depending on where you buy it, but it is still expensive for everyone, it has gone up between 10 and 15 percent,” said Fernanda, a food market worker.

Housewives have to “stretch” their money so that it reaches them when they buy their groceries. Photo: Fausto McConegly | The Sun of Mazatlan

What they look for the most

As it is the Lenten season, people who eat at the Pino Suárez market go mainly to seafood stores and candy stores, as well as bakeries, where they seek to purchase items such as piloncillo , cinnamon, toasted bread, which are of the main ingredients for the elaboration of the already traditional capirotada.

While in the seafood restaurants they come by the fish markets and the marlin.


  • Tomato: between 22 and 27 pesos per kilo.
  • Onion: between 22 and 33 pesos per kilo.
  • Egg: between 60 and 65 pesos per kilo; 100 to 105 pesos the portfolio.
  • Sugar: 24 pesos per kilo.
  • Rice: 24 pesos per kilo.
  • Beans: 34 pesos per kilo.
  • Oil: between 43 and 73 pesos per liter.
  • Pork meat; between 130 and 140 pesos per kilo.
  • Beef: 200 pesos per kilo.
  • Potato: between 30 and 35 pesos per kilo.
  • Purple onion: 30 pesos per kilo.

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