The mayor of El Fuerte Gildardo Leyva came out worse than “El Químico” by inflating costs in luminaries

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El Fuerte, Sinaloa.- Gildardo Leyva Ortega mayor of the municipality of El Fuerte is pointed out for inflating costs by more than 400% in luminaires that the city council acquired.

They even compare him with the former mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo “El Químico” Benítez Torres, although the citizens say that the Fortense municipality came out more “gandalla”.

According to public information that was delivered to councilor Jairo Leyva, in the Annual Public Works Operational Program, the municipal government has in the concept of rehabilitation of public lighting, the acquisition of one thousand luminaries, in a payment of 12 million 704 thousand 565.40 pesos, that is, 12 thousand 704 pesos for each one.

However, a luminaire with more power (150w) than those that are regularly placed (from 80 to 100w), costs the public 2,219, without being a wholesale price.

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Even though he has not disclosed the name of the company that sold him these lights, the truth is that he is practically paying more than 8 million additional pesos, with which he could have rehabilitated drains and drinking water systems in communities in the municipality.

Councilor Jairo Leyva expressed his rejection of this purchase that he considered abusive and a new mockery for the Fortenses, to which he said he could not be an accomplice to it, for which he issued his position against it in the Cabildo.

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Source: Benjamín Velasco from Sinaloahoy on 2023-03-17 12:26:01

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