The work is delayed in Zaragoza and Rubí, in the Center of Culiacán

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CULIACÁN,._ The works to replace the sewerage pipe in the Center of Culiacán are not finished, it is already two days late to finish this work, due to the lack of material.

It was on March 11 when excavation began at the intersection of Avenida Ignacio Zaragoza with Calle Domingo Rubí, and it was estimated that they would conclude on Wednesday, March 15, according to a statement from the City Council, which has not happened.

In addition, it had been reported that on Tuesday, March 14, the “casting” of hydraulic concrete would be carried out so that it would have 24 hours of rest before having suitable conditions to open the roads.

According to the authorities, the works have been delayed due to the amount of material to be placed and the waiting time for the hydraulic concrete to dry on the pavement.

According to what the construction workers said, the arrival of material is still missing to be able to carry out the casting process and wait again for it to dry, that is, the repairs would end between Monday, March 20, and Tuesday, March 21.

However, employees of nearby businesses declared that they were not notified about these repairs, so they were not prepared to assimilate and prevent the effects of these works on their businesses.

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