There has been a drainage leak in the Jesús García neighborhood of Mazatlán for more than a year – El Sol de Mazatlán

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There has been a drainage leak in Ferrocarril and Margarita Maza de Juárez streets in the Jesús García de Mazatlán neighborhood for more than a year.

Despite the fact that the problem represents a serious source of infection and contamination, the inhabitants of the settlement assure that in all this time no worker from the Municipal Board of Potable Water and Sewerage of Mazatlán has come to attend to the problem.

“It’s been more than a year since this happened and no one from Jumapam has stopped to repair this problem, we already reported it so that they would come and solve it, but they don’t even show up to help us with this problem that has been giving us battle for a while, like neighbors, we demand that they come and do something,” said Fabiola Guzmán, a neighbor of the neighborhood.

The bad smells have intensified so much in the neighborhood that people cannot eat comfortably, due to the plague that exists in the place.

“Because of how ugly it smells, you can’t eat at ease, it’s disgusting to walk around enduring that pest while we eat, that smell makes you dizzy and disgusting, we feel uncomfortable about this situation, but they still don’t care,” added the neighbor.


The people affected also mentioned that they are very concerned about the dirt in the area, as they fear contracting a disease from it.

“We are afraid that because of the bad smells we will get sick of something, that pungent smell is already disgusting, it smells of waste and dirt, we don’t know what measures to take, hopefully and soon they will give it a solution, but now We have been putting up with this for more than a year,” said Cristina Álvarez, a neighbor of the place.

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