There will be a ‘full house’ in Mazatlán during the long weekend

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Mazatlán. – The weekend has arrived, but it is not just any weekend, it is a long weekend and expectations for the tourism sector are high and they expect hotel occupancies above 90 percent.

The Secretary of Tourism, Estrella Palacios Domínguez, mentioned that Mazatlán is one of the most visited destinations on these dates that become an escape for the inhabitants of other cities.

“The hotel occupancy for this purpose is to be maintained, on the occasion of the birth of Benito Juárez the reservations are almost at 90 percent, this is here in Mazatlán, we are doing very well, there is a lot of interest in visiting Sinaloa especially Mazatlán, national and foreign tourists”, he declared.

Palacios Domínguez pointed out that the cities that visit Mazatlán the most are México City, Monterrey, Nuevo León, Tijuana, Baja California, and Guadalajara, Jalisco.

The Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán, Martín Ochoa López, also specified that an economic benefit of more than 150 million pesos is estimated, exceeding the figures reached during the first long weekend of 2023.

Restaurants at the top, says Canirac

The president of the National Chamber of the Restaurant Industry and Seasoned Foods of Mazatlán, Erick Mandujano Caro, said that the restaurant sector is also one of the main beneficiaries of long weekends and vacation periods.

“This weekend included, the bridge we have reported that the hotel industry is 100 percent, we hope that the restaurant activity will also have a lot of activity because the bridge is reflected from Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday,” he commented.

He shared that sales are already increasing between 50 to 60 percent more than they are used to during a normal weekend, and this depends on the capacity of each restaurant and the gastronomic offer, since fish and shellfish are the most Wanted.

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