They ask to punish abuses by clergymen in Culiacán

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Users of social networks and groups demanded justice and called for a march tomorrow to the Culiacán Cathedral, with the motto “God is fair, we want a fair church”, to demand that the priests involved in alleged acts of sexual abuse denounced be punished. in the last days.

Yesterday, the Instagram account from which the march was called published the following message: “In the face of the events reported by young people from our church, we cannot remain passive! we can’t be lukewarm! We can’t look away!”

This Thursday, the Attorney General of Justice of Sinaloa told La Razón that so far there are two criminal complaints filed for these events: one by the Diocese of Culiacán and another by an individual.

The spokesperson for the justice body, Verónica Hernández, indicated that the Diocese presented a generic complaint of facts, in which it does not include names of possible perpetrators, while in the complaint filed by a person it does mention the identity of the allegedly abusive priest.

He clarified that investigation folders have not yet been opened, since the complaints and the data provided by the complainants are analyzed to decide if the cases merit the initiation of the corresponding preliminary investigations.

The cases of sexual abuse by priests began to be made public on March 8 through Twitter threads, in which several men and women —who do not know each other— shared their testimonies.

One of the most mentioned names is that of Father Cristian Emmanuel Romero Félix, who coordinated Catholic youth groups, such as Arcoíris, made up of adolescents between the ages of 14 and 17.

The testimonies agree that Cristian gained the trust of the young people and then harassed them and touched them without their consent.

In total, the names of five priests have been mentioned, some of whom were even pointed out for taking young girls to motels and raping them. All of them were suspended from their functions by the Diocese of Culiacán, as a result of public complaints.

Antonio Flores is another noted priest. A young man assured that while he was undergoing his priestly training at the Culiacán Minor Seminary, at the age of 16, Antonio forced him to sleep with him and did the same with other students.

He narrated that the priest touched him and violated him at night. And despite the fact that he denounced what was happening to the clerical authorities, the priest was not dismissed, they just changed his church and he continues to minister in Guamúchil.

Another cleric mentioned is José Luis Naranjo, who led a youth movement called Kairós, in the municipality of Salvador Alvarado.

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Source: (Cristina Ceja) from La Razón de México | Noticias e información en tiempo real. on 2023-03-17 00:00:00

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