To those who earn more than him, AMLO says: “It may be legal, but it is immoral”

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México CITY.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador considered it immoral and a “dehumanized” people that the president of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, obtain a million-dollar pension at the end of his term.

In a press conference, at the facilities of the 37th Infantry Battalion, in Villahermosa, Tabasco, the President recalled that both the Judiciary and the members of the autonomous organizations protected themselves against the law that no public servant can earn more than President.

“It may be legal, but it is completely immoral, but that’s what these conservatives are, that’s why they oppose changes, transformation, and worst of all, they deceive many people with the slogan that the INE doesn’t touch itself, because it’s as if democracy were offended, when it has nothing to do with it, because it is fighting corruption and privileges”.

President López Obrador said, fortunately, these types of people are losing strength and credibility.

“People are increasingly aware that changes must be carried out and that is what Juárez said, the civil servant has to learn to live in the fair average, there can be no rich government and poor people, that is why it is an ethical imperative , austerity is not an administrative matter, it is a matter of principles”.

I point out that a public servant who earns 300 or 600 thousand pesos a month, in a country with as much poverty as México, is more than immoral, they are dehumanized people.

“You can dedicate yourself to any other activity, it is legal and legitimate to have profits and accumulate money, but not in public service, here it is to be serving others, serving others, serving, not serving yourself.

“They want money for trade, for companies, for any economic activity, but to thrive and seek from public office, the budget that is for the people, but I think that it will not last long, the transformation will continue.”

INE directors will leave with a settlement of 7 million pesos

The National Electoral Institute (INE) reported the amounts of compensation that will be delivered to the President Councilor Lorenzo Córdova, as well as the Councilors Ciro Murayama, José Roberto Ruiz and Adriana Favela, who end their term on April 3, the global amount of which will be more than 6 million 924 thousand pesos.

However, the representation of Morena Before the INE, he accused that only the president counselor will receive 9 million pesos after leaving office, and not 1.9 million as reported by the electoral body.

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In its breakdown, the INE indicated that the directors Ciro Murayama, José Roberto Ruiz and Adriana Favela, who began their work on April 4, 2014 and will finish it on April 3, 2023, will each receive one million 663 thousand 388 pesos.

In the case of the president counselor, Lorenzo Córdova, who was appointed in 2011, the amount will be one million 934 thousand 380 pesos, that is, 270 thousand 991 pesos more.

The amount is higher because the nine years that he was a director at the INE are contemplated, in addition to the two years that he was at the then Federal Electoral Institute, where he did not receive compensation for this period.

The INE stressed that, due to a constitutional prohibition, the president councilor, as well as the electoral councilors of the General Council of the INE cannot have another job, position or commission, unlike what happens with other public servants.

In the same way, it indicated that they are prohibited from holding positions in the public powers in whose election they have participated, of partisan leadership, nor from being nominated for positions of popular election during the two years following the conclusion of their assignments.

On Thursday, the Executive Director of Administration of the INE, on instructions from the Executive Secretary, made known to the members of the General Council an official letter with the norms that govern the conclusion of assignments and the amounts that they will receive as compensation.

In the official letter, he realizes that the INE grants all the people who work in the institution a Compensation for Termination of the Labor Relationship (CTRL).

He explained that this type of compensation is common in the Mexican labor system, both in the private sphere and in the public sphere, since they are considered as part of the settlements related to the conclusion or separation of the worker or public servant, as appropriate.

The INE pointed out that the compensation for termination of the labor relationship, contemplated in the general working conditions at the INE, is an ordinary labor benefit and, therefore, all people who provide their services at the INE are favored, and even those who do so as advisors to partisan representations or to the Legislative Power Departments.

Morena accuses cynicism

The representative of Morena At the INE, Mario Llergo, exhibited a document in which he assures that the president counselor omitted to report the amount for his separation insurance and his settlement, which would add up to 9 million pesos, for which he accused that there is extreme cynicism.

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