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It’s been a week since the 2023 World Baseball Classic games began , and since day one, Mexico has had an impressive performance when it comes to being on the field of play, however, we cannot ignore the fact that the team that It is led by Benjamín Gil , he has had several very important characters in each game and one of them is Joey Meneses.

The 30-year-old baseball player made his Major League debut in the 2022 season with the Washington Nationals , however, he has been the protagonist in the victories that the Mexican team has had throughout the World Baseball Classic games this year.

” Cabajoey “, as the native of Culiacán is known, will be one of the hitters that the fans of the United States will remember, because in the game against the neighboring country to the north, he became the main star of the match, hitting two home runs , for that mythical beating.

Who is Joey Menesses?

Born on May 6, 1992 and originally from the capital of Sinaloa, Joey Meneses began his career as a baseball player in the Culiacán Resources Children’s and Youth Baseball League and although today he is the star player of Mexico , his beginnings were complicated

During his time in the two aforementioned leagues, b, he played as a shortstop and a pitcher, managing to throw up to 82 MPH when he was only 16 years old.

The player had time with different teams in the Minor Leagues, arriving in Japan for a very short time. However , the player from b Culiacán , was not able to stand out in the Major League Baseball, since it was not until 2022 that Cababajoey . he made his MLB debut with the Washington Nationals .

Joey Menesses with Washington

Since 2011, the culichi was part of the Atlanta Braves , Philadelphia Phillies and Red Sox teams, however, none of these teams trusted his performance, until August 2022, when he joined the Washington team, where he regularly plays as first baseman or outfielder.

First-year MLB numbers

Since his debut in August 2022, he has added 222 at- bats , managed to score 33 runs and drive in 34, he also had 72 hits, with 13 home runs, closing with a .324 batting average.

The 2023 World Baseball Classic

During the most important turner in baseball, Joey Meneses , he has scored 4 runs and drove in 5, had 10 at bats , hit 5 hits with a couple of home runs, achieving a .500 average .

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