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Culiacán, Sin.- The head of the Ministry of Public Education and Culture, Graciela Domínguez Nava , revealed that the majority of irregular jobs delivered in the instance were for office workers.

He explained that the Transparency Secretariat is currently carrying out an investigation in this regard , and stressed that these positions are for teachers, not for office workers.

“One of the characteristics of these positions is that they were assigned to work right here in offices , which type of positions should not be to work here, they must go to work in schools ,” he explained.

Domínguez Nava explained that withdrawals from these irregular places have not yet been made , because the investigation is still ongoing.

He added that the officials who were removed at the end of February were accused of being involved in these actions .

“What has happened is that the appointments of first-level officials have been withdrawn , let’s say, from the Ministry of Public Education who held managerial positions and who were in the process of involvement,” he said.

loss of public money

Previously, the head of the Transparency Secretariat had mentioned that an annual loss of 20 million pesos from the treasury is estimated , due to the delivery of these places, since the corresponding jobs are not being fulfilled .

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