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Saturday 18 March, 2023
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LA CRUZ.- Students, teachers and directors of the Universidad Politécnica del Mar y la Sierra took to the streets to hand out flyers and publicize the educational offer of the institution with a great reception and acceptance from the people.

Students from the nine educational programs participated in the deployment, headed by Luis Miguel Flores Campaña, rector of the Polytechnic University of the Sea and Sierra (UPMYS), which began in the municipal square “Miguel Hidalgo.”

The main streets of the city were toured to inform that the educational offer of UPMYS consists of nine careers between bachelor’s degrees and engineering, as well as a master’s degree in Agricultural Biotechnology and the competency-based English Program.

After touring Gabriel Leyva street, the students stationed themselves at the Cruz del Perdón crossroads, where they handed out flyers to passing motorists.

The tour also included the municipal market, commercial premises and extended to the Administrative Unit.

“This day is for the population to learn about our educational offer and help us invite all the students who have finished or are about to finish their high school to enroll with us,” said the rector.

Flores Campaña said that the University has room to increase enrollment by 30 percent.

It should be noted that in addition to handing out flyers, the career directors, accompanied by the Deputy Director of Outreach and Dissemination, Luz María Félix Pío, visit the region’s high schools so that young people in the region learn about the options available to them UPMYS and thus make an appropriate decision, according to your vocation.


At UPMYS, pre-registration has already begun and the admission exam is on May 20. Those interested can pre-register at the following link:…/preregistro/nuevo_preregistro

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