Lupillo Rivera was admitted to the hospital as an emergency

Monday 20 March, 2023
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México.- It was recently revealed that Lupillo Rivera was rushed to hospital after having presented gallbladder complications according to information issued by the singer’s press agency.

Lupillo Rivera was admitted to the hospital as an emergency yesterday for a laparoscopic appendectomy that ended up in surgery.

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According to what was narrated by the press, the interpreter of ‘Suffering Alone’ began to have a intense pain in the abdomen so he quickly went to the doctor to be evaluated, where he was recommended to do certain studies.

In the statement that was published on the artist’s social networks about his state of health, the brother of Jenni Rivera was Underwent surgery for suffering acute appendicitis.

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Currently, the Mexican singer is in postoperative recovery, so he must rest for several days until he can recover and return to work.

“Hygienic-dietary measures are recommended, as well as absolute rest for 10 days, since there are preventable post-surgical risks,” it appears in the celebrity’s medical report.

That is why the composer will resume his work on March 30, 2023, fulfilling each of his regular activities.

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Source: Marian Janely Díaz Domínguez from DEBATE on 2023-03-19 20:27:04

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