Megapuente 2023, what dance performances to see these days?

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This mega bridge 2023 is ideal for you to take advantage of these days off to enjoy a dance performance. Here we tell you which are the most attractive proposals and for all tastes. from ballet to flamenco.


Functions continue “The spoiled girl” of the National Dance Company directed by Elisa Carrillo and Cuauhtémoc Najéra, at the Guillermina Bravo Dance Theater.

In this singular adaptation, based on the original work by Enrique Martínez, with music by the composers Ludwig Hertel and Ferdinand Herold, we are told the story of Lissete, a young woman who will have to overcome the challenges imposed by her mother Simonne, to avoid commit her to Alain, the goofy son of a wealthy vineyard owner in the area. It is for the whole family!

  • ● “The spoiled girl”
  • ● When: Saturdays and Sundays in March, 1 pm.
  • ● Where: Guillermina Bravo Dance Theater.
  • ● Free entry. Subject to availability.

Contemporary dance

The company the fractured body of the dancer and choreographer Angélica Baños Hernández, presents the work “I am my devil” as part of the We Are Memory Season of the México City Theater System.

In this one-man show, se addresses the theme of the wound from a metaphorical to a biological sense. This piece combines dance, theater and improvisation to give way to an ephemeral composition that gives way to observe all the hells that can elapse from the body. Do you dare to reveal your own hells?

  • ● “I am my devil”
  • ● When: Sunday, March 19, 6 pm.
  • ● Where: Forum A Poco No. Calle República de Cuba # 49
  • ● Tickets at the box office.


The director, choreographer and dancer Ricardo Rubio, presents us with “C3”, performance piece that deconstructs and recovers the essence of the stage ritual of flamenco from the investigation of three movements: turning, percussion and sound vibration. Not to be missed!

  • ● “C3”
  • ● When: Sunday, March 19, 7 pm.
  • ● Where: UNAM Dance Hall, Insurgentes Sur 3000, México City
  • ● Tickets at the box office.


The Sinaloense Artistic Society and the Sinaloense Institute of Culture, presents the opera “Aida” by Giuseppe Verdi, as part of the SAS-ISIC 2023 Season.

In this great production, more than 200 artists on stage will transport the public to the Egyptian world. The Sinaloense Folk Company, Young Dance of Sinaloa and Delfos Danza Contemporánea, with choreographies by Víctor Manuel Ruiz.

All the details on the page

  • ● “Aide”
  • ● When: Sunday, March 19, 8 pm.
  • ● Where: Pablo de Villavicencio Theater, Culiacán, Sinaloa.
  • ● Tickets at the box office.

Dance and physical theater

The Young Dance Company of Sinaloa, Directed by the dancer and choreographer Carlos Zamora, it presents one of his most complex and avant-garde works: Perpetuum Tempus by Francisco Cordova. This choreography explores movement and architecture through time and its history.

  • ● “Perpetuum Tempus”
  • ● When: Sunday, March 19, 7 pm.
  • ● Where: Ángela Peralta Theater, Mazatlán, Sinaloa.
  • ● Tickets at the box office.




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