State Employment Service has linked more than a thousand vacancies in 2023

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So far in 2023, the State Employment Service has placed more than a thousand job applicants in various vacancies, reported the head of the Ministry of Economy of Sinaloa Javier Gaxiola Coppel.

He pointed out that at the beginning of the state administration the agency operated with an average weekly placement of 20 vacancies, but the second week of March of this year the placement of 300 people was reached.

“We are already above a thousand, we are very happy, we have had a good placement,” the state official celebrated.

“We are doing very well in the placement of people seeking work in the State Service.”

The National Employment Service is a public institution of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare that deals with the unemployment situation in the Country free of charge. Its mission is to offer information, linking and guidance services.

In Sinaloa this service operates in its state division, offering vacancies from local, national and transnational companies.

The customer service offices are located inside the Government Palace of Sinaloa located in Culiacan.

To contact the agency, the telephone number 667 758 7193 and the email are offered.

“Take advantage of telling the public that whoever is looking for work should approach the State Employment Service, we are doing a very good job, from small to large companies. The more we have resumes, the more we have vacancies, the faster we are linking them with jobs”, invited the state official.

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