They celebrate 100 years of the race between El Alazán and El Rosillo, in Mocorito

Monday 20 March, 2023
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One hundred years ago the horses El Alazán and El Rosillo starred in an equestrian race in the municipality of Mocorito that transcended Mexican popular culture through the interpretation of Antonio Aguilar in music and in the cinema.

To commemorate the event, a photographic exhibition was held in the town of San Benito, Mocorito, which was inaugurated by Governor Rubén Rocha Moya.

On March 19, 1923, the horses El Alazán and El Rosillo disputed a race that involved the entire town of San Benito due to the betting system they were part of. The joust has raised the level of historical fact due to its relevance in Mexican popular culture, in music and in Mexican cinema.

El Rosillo was the winning horse of the match, thus benefiting the working class that had bet on him, according to the records of the event.

During the festivities there was a representation of the race that was held more than 100 years ago.

“Today we are celebrating the centenary of the famous race of El Alazán and El Rosillo, that for many years we have all heard this song and now many of us are understanding more details, and we feel very proud of it. Events like today’s are a sample of the importance of cultural and social legacies that give identity to towns and their inhabitants; All the people of San Benito are proud of this race and what it has represented, and for us it is an honor to be here celebrating the first 100 years of this race”, applauded Governor Rubén Rocha Moya.

The event included the presentation of the book “San Benito, its history and its people, one hundred years after the El Alazán and El Rosillo career”, written by Carlos Karam Quiñónez and Esteban Ruiz Martínez.

The state president was received in this famous town, inspiration for Mexican music and cinema, by the municipal president María Elizalde Ruelas, to lead the celebrations for the centenary of this race, immortalized in a song that has been interpreted by numerous singers who made it famous, like Antonio Aguilar and Pedro Infante.


During the visit, Rocha Moya announced the start of construction of the highway that will communicate with El Aguaje, a town belonging to the municipality of Badiraguato, which will be the direct access road to the tourist destination of Surutato.

In the same way, he referred to a work that is already tendered and about to start, such as the highway that will connect El Guasimal, Mocorito, with La Higuerita, Badiraguato, and in response to the request of the Mayor Elizalde Ruelas, in this That same year a bridge will be built that is needed on this same road that leads to San Benito, just after passing the town of La Huerta. In addition, in El Guasimal he said that the demand of its inhabitants will be met with the construction of a deep well to supply water.

“What we have to attend to are priority needs, that’s why I tell Guasimal, in addition to the fact that we are already starting his road, we are also going to start the well,” said the Governor.

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